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Found 3 results

  1. Happy Canada day to all of 3dxchat! Happy Canada Day to the Devs, Gizmo and Lisa! Happy Canada Day to all the players from around the world here! Happy Canada Day to all our allies, friends and even enemies. I will drink mass amounts of high % beer for you all and smoke mad fatties as i watch the fireworks explode! Have a good safe day to all . If your drinking, don't drive and if your driving, don't drink. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
  2. Happy Canada day!!! To the players from Canada and around the world. To my friends who are honorary Canadian's .To the devs and the Dj and everyone! Happy happy Canada day! I will take a swigg of strong Canuck beer for you all and whack some baby seals!! Even though we whoop the worlds ass in hockey every year, We still love you all whether you like it or not!!!! wooooooot
  3. Happy Canada day to everyone, Even if your not Canadian! Wooot. If your drinking don't drive and if your driving don't be drinkin!
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