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Found 1 result

  1. Hello 3DXChat Community! Due to a lot of questions from players who want to create content for 3DXChat and not sure how to go about it I will write this thread on instructions and guidelines on what to do and how to do it. So without further ado, let's begin! So you want to create content for 3DXChat, wonderful! Like me and many other players, we want the game to flourish and do well and this is one of those things that will help get it there so... There is an Admin on the site here called "Lisa" click her name to go to her profile, she is the one in charge of handling User Created Content. She is the woman to talk to if you want to get your content you have created into the game itself. You will need to hand her a link to your online portfolio, that demonstrates your talents and abilities in creating different types of content or the content you want to create for 3DXChat to be able to make content for 3DXChat if it is up to the quality standard the game precedes.. 3DXChat uses the Game Engine "Unity". So you will need to be able to make content into formats that Unity supports example .max for models and such. Modelling/Animations: Will require the program 3DS Max 2012+ or any other Modelling program that allows you to export to the .max format. Texturing/Materials: Will need to be hand painted/crafted in a program that allows the exporting of .png like Photoshop or Gimp etc... Sound: Currently not being required at this time. (Will update when Sound is being accepted) Architecture: People who are interested in designing and building areas, will need to demonstrate their Architecture skills of a scene or many scenes they have made and that they are able to build in the Unity Engine. Programming: As the Unity Engine primarily works in C# Computer Language that is the Language you will need to know and be able to code in but also JavaScript if you prefer JavaScript to C#, if you have any ideas or designs of new systems that you feel 3DXChat will benefit from that you are able to program yourself, please have some evidence of the system you have in mind in a visual form for the Developers to see and acknowledge. If I have missed anymore content that can be added please send me a PM and I'll add it. But as I say, all queries and submissions must be made to Admin Lisa as she handles it all. So make sure you have a portfolio of your work you have created and have had experience in the field of what you want to submit for a good period of time, of knowledge you have acquired over the years. Good Luck and thank you for having interest in helping the Devs with developing their project, 3DXChat! Kindest Regards Ash P.S. I know Admin Gizmo made a post with User Content before, but it doesn't state all the guidelines that the devs follow and accept. P.P.S. Any content that isn't your own created and gathered from another source will not be accepted, it all has to be of your own original work. P.P.P.S. A 3DX User known as FrenchTouch has posted a starting resource kit for people to work with for custom content for 3DXChat. It can be found here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4610-3d-creation-ressource-by-ft/
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