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Found 1 result

  1. Hello 3DXChat Community! 3DXChat 2.7 Build 392 - 64 bit client is available now Important: - It is highly recommended to make a backup of your worlds, saving them into the previous game version file format; - Build 392 runs on the main server (but you cannot see players from older versions); - Your worlds and characters will be transferred from 390/391 to 392, but backward compatibility is not guaranteed! Download: Make sure that you install 392 in a separate folder from version 390/391, if this is important to you. Download 3DXChat 2.7 (64 bit) Build 392 Bug Tracker: Report errors here Build 392 Game moved to Unity Engine 2018.4; 64 bit client (the old 32 bit client will no longer be updated); OGG music streaming support; Increased performance for 8 thread CPU; Native file browser window. Character Editor: Skin color picker; Save and Load character data from file. Color Picker: RGB input field; HEX #color input field; 108 color save slots (36 in the old picker). Free Cam: [shift] - SpeedUp1, [Alt] - SpeedUp2, [space] - SlowDown; Movement, Rotate, Pan, Zoom Step, SpeedUp1, SpeedUp2, SlowDown settings. User Interface: Player Names: on hover mode; Gifts/Messages/UserWorlds/Friends scrolling speedup; Increased the number of messages in chat history (100); Extended sex speed limits; Independent sound volume control; Optimization for low performance systems: Global "Shadows off" setting; Low Quality Water setting. Bugfixes: Fixed smoke and fire particles transforms; Fixed terrain textures tiling; Fixed FPS stutters on the Beach; Fixed input field bug; Other minor bug fixes. Media: 4 new skies; New 25 gifts; New poses:
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