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Found 5 results

  1. Here's some images from the open night of my Dance Club! Thank you everyone who came and shook their booties! It was truly wonderful. Look forward to more in the future! Didn't quite get the 46 Peak as my Puush messed up but got my 44 as the closest! Thanks all for the wonderful evening it was amazing!!!!! Here's to the future and many more ass wiggles and dancing! Much love to you all, and keep on being awesome!
  2. Guest

    Ash's 21 Birthday Party

    Happy Birthday Ash !!! Our dear friend who's turning 21 All are welcome to attend tonight's party @ LovelyTezz's room, "Ash Special" where DJ Nixxx will be kicking us off with a special song and later, we'll have more music from DJ Achilles Everybody is also invited to post their own personalized cards and best wishes below It's sure to be a great event!
  3. Hello 3DXChat Community! I would like to happily announce DJ Ash will be making a return to DJing soon. I have been working on a massive 4 hour set just for this event, only not long just finished it! Spent many, many hours working on it! So I hope you all are looking forward to hearing it when I return and perform for you all! It has my signature genre that I prefer to play Electro House, with a little extra on some tracks so I hope you all are looking forward to that! Again I have been working hard on this for many many days now so I hope it shows when I perform it! Hopefully all of you can make it for the event! And lets have a rocking night! The time and date are as follows Saturday 14th March 2015 @ 10pm GMT - 2am GMT There is a time converter here as well for people to convert the time into their timezone! Time Converter Kind Regards Ash
  4. Hey guys just a heads up I will be re performing my Christmas Party set that I did the other night for those of you who were unable to listen to it due to it being too late at night. It is at 9pm GMT which is in 4 hours 40 minutes from the post of this thread. And it will be on Love Island! I hope you all can make it. Kind Regards DJAsh
  5. Hey guys! It is I, MrAsh, I have returned from my crazy and extremely busy life! But got a lot of time free! (Being an owner of a business is so busy, hehe!) But I have returned! A lot of you may not know me but a lot of you will remember who I am! So to those who don't know who I am, hello and welcome to 3DXChat! Hopefully we can meet up in game and have a lovely chat and become awesome friends! And those who do know me, I have missed you guys/girls! Hope you didn't miss me too much, tehe! I will need to be re introduced to the game with the new updates as it's been awhile! It will be fun tehe! Let's do this! MrAsh
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