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  1. Valid point. But Paloma has a good idea too. The more you play the more gold you get anyways. so why not 50 or 100? If this shop idea is not a good idea then we should have more clothing and accessories available to us. We are all basically generalized Avatars. That gets boring after a while. And yes I know I'm not the first to come up with that Idea. Playstation had their own version of f2p and they had a shop. Granted it's nothing like this but Don't you want to be yourself on here? So if I have a bad Idea than propose to 3dxchat a better idea or stuff that should be available. It's easy to knock a man down with criticism but do you have a solution?
  2. Hello 3dxchat, What if we started a store that you could buy clothing, accessories, gadgets, gear, furniture, jewelry, shoes, different dance moves, different moans, and the all time favorite bundle packages? The guys are very limited on personalizing their Avatars to make them be themselves. The woman have a better variety to look sexy in all rooms. Now lets not get crazy on the prices either. So instead of just using your gold to gift someone. Now you can personalize yourself and give your own personal swag. I chatted with some friends in game and they liked my idea. but lets keep the gold prices from 500 to 1000 for bundles. Any thoughts and ideas to make this happen? Please apply to this chat forum and lets make this happen. Thank you for reading my post.
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