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  1. to much my friends dieds with they used much drugs.

  2. lol.. kicking and running

    1. KYUSS


      Hey, good job Adinda, and cool stuff on your Soundcloud site! Just listend to the Fairy Electric songtrack #1 of your Home Made Fatamorgana Compilation...3 times ;)

      \m/ *shakes head* \\//,

    2. KYUSS


      OK, meanwhile atleast 6 times i heared the Fairy Electric track, lol *nice weekend hun, have fun...shakes out with waving head*.......and now.....only once more a last time and a post of it^^

  3. "i dont want to see the past, cuz it can destroy to the future" "now is all we have, for the past is over, and tomorrow is not ours to tell"

  4. For what im be your friends. if not useless

  5. I sometimes feel tired of being a single parent

    1. Vencor


      A bad day or... an argument with pre-teen angel ?... You chose to be mother so you will never walk alone ( and it isn`t necessary for u to be a soccer-fan of Liverpool soccer team :), it just a joke ).

      You are a beautiful woman , and have got someone who loves and needs you and have someone to love... U r a lucky woman. There are a lot of people in this world that will never have what you already have ... :)

  6. I sometimes feel tired of being a single parent

  7. Birmingham...!! omg 17 Januari 2015..

  8. oh no ready to back home.. :)

  9. im wanna gtg lima - peru cya everyone... i will missed you

  10. ready to peru.. for event.. aw ~.~

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