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  1. intel 5500 hd graphics card. (for mild gaming) intel core i5 5200 cpu 2.2ghz 2.19ghz ram 6.0 gb 64 bit operating system windows 10 Hp pavillion Laptop Thanks so much for any help
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. My computer cant handle new chat window.
  3. Hi Ever since we got the update with new chat window. I log in game works for few minutes somtimes not to often maybe 20 minutes. and the screen blacks out flashes some. then i get a pop up window in task bar saying.Dispaly driver stopped responding and has recovered. I have tryed everything. updated windows 7 and all drivers. erased game and reloaded a couple times. tryed lower setttings in game. changed video card to better performance. lower resolution. Thank you for any help
  4. Tryed settings on low and set to 30 FPS. No luck .had a new window pop up. The game crashed. Crash report folder ''2015-02-06-_113 120 next to game exe. it woud be great if you would send to developer of game. contacted sexgame devil before this they claimed they where working on a patch to fix problem . I want old chat window back had no problems then. thanks for any help
  5. I am having the same issue. Know one can see my PM On local private world . i can see theres
  6. Device Intel grapichics media accelerator HD ( corei3) This is my Grahpic card info. from directx diag. I tryed lower settings in game and grahics card. Everything worked fine before new chat window. If i try to scoll down on chat window crashes eveytime. and half the time if i switch from local to world.plus no one can read my PM. When it crashes flashes white screen then blue back to white fast. Then i get a pop up window. Display window stoped responding and has recovered. I have windows 7 everything is up to date. all drivers and grapic card. Tryed Running wi
  7. Tryed reinstalling before posting on forum. And tryed again Yesterday works a liitle better stiil crashing and does it a lot when i switch chat from local to world, message i get before crash is display driver stopped responding and has recovered. i Have a intel core i 3 Thanks for any help
  8. Hello no luck yet. I have updated everything on my computer you name it i tryed it. tryed different settings in the game itself. turn off radio. I have sent email to Sex Game devil. I will post if i get email from them . Thanks for the help everyone
  9. Last update on 1/21/15 . new chat window causing my computer to crash. if i leave it closed works fine. Also the yahct room never could enter because its all white. Thanks for any help
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