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  1. I cannot figure out how to edit the face of the avatar in a close up mode as it cuts off the head of the avatar. Is there a way to do it up close so you can pan up?
  2. I'm new here. When I signed up I must have searched forever trying to find a store to buy clothes and property like on all the other games I play. Nothing. No answer until I had to go into world and ask random people. Not one set of instructions upon sign up. Like, hey, here's the scoop on playing this game and where to find answers. I must have searched for three days now, looking and signing up for numerous sites to try and find answers. I don't have time to spend weeks looking for simple answers. Is there a basic instruction and answers? Where is it? Is it on another site? Do you have to sign up for that? How do you find people? Is there a directory? Is there a 3dx wiki anywhere? Maybe on fandom? What is discord? Do you need it to play game? Can you put your own artwork, pictures in your own home here? What about music and video? It would be great if the developer could include some info upon signing up. Thank you
  3. This is a great question since there is nothing in the way of a manual when you sign up how to play game. Is there no directory? How are you supposed to find people that you told to try the game out? Are you supposed to hang out in world chat until you see their name? Do you jump from place to place looking for them? I cannot understand why it is so hard to find someone. So many questions, so many places to search and hunt for an answer and so little time and patience.
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