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    KylieStar reacted to Gizmo in 3DXChat 2.9 Update is out   
    Meet 3DXChat 2.9
    Dear players!
    We are pleased to present 3DXChat 2.9! The new version is available right now and you can enjoy it by updating your game client.
    Need to activate a new membership? No problem please join here
    What's new
    Character Editor
    + Clothing Material System

    + Clothes, accessories

    + New lipstick and lipstick settings:

    + New eye contour styles
    + New Rouge styles

    + Prints
    World Editor
    + Hologram material

    + Grass Assets

    + Soap bubbles effect

    + Bengal fire effect

    + Waterfalls

    + Building blocks

    Demo world:
    + Avatar neck stitch fix
    + Fixed "I" in nicknames display
    + Fix teleportation during poses
    + Fix teleportation props
    + Fixes performance slumps and memory leaks
    + Fixed endless spinning
    + Fix for climbing steep hills

    + Fixes of poses and icons
    + Chat window scaling fix
    + Color palette fix
    + Display all nicknames in the screen center
    + Display colored nickname when this is disabled
    + Prohibited tags in chat, profile, gifts
    + Patch installation did not run from the game
    + Full-screen mode that you can overlay other windows
    + Shrinking the window at maximum resolution, so that the bottom panel of the game is visible
    + Fix group poses
    + Tag size affected uppercase letters
    + Displaying custom bot nicknames
    + Fix the height of the women collider (when they hit the doorways with their heads)
    + World Editor settings are saved between sessions
    + Fix scaling for Volume Scale Gizmo in World Editor
    New features & improvements
    🚀 New launcher:
    + Fast application of patches
    + Check game integrity
    + Supports repair of corrupted executable game files and libraries
    + Supports reinstalling the game client
    + Can pause downloads
    + Handles a lot of bugs
    + New interface design

    + Hotkey to minimize window Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow
    + Buying colored nicknames

    + Nickname rendering distance settings

    + Sort nicknames by distance from camera (nicknames of close characters are drawn first)
    + You can turn on display of your nickname

    + Resize window poses

    + Hiding and dragging the action window

    + Adjustments to make the bottom menu more compact

    + Resize chat window limits increased
    + Explanatory captions in group poses

    + Poses

    Bug Reports:
    Please use the #bug-report channel on our Discord server to report bugs you find  
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    KylieStar reacted to Gizmo in 3DXChat 2.9 Update is out   

    Q: How to update?
    A: You just need to restart the game, if the user has it already installed. Patcher will install the update.
    Q: I can not update!
    A: You need to download and run a new launcher. It is available at the links:
    https://3dxchat.com/download.php https://3dxchat.com/download.php?id=mega Q: Launcher can't download/update/start the game!
    A: You need to disable antivirus and try to run the launcher again. Also try to "Run as administrator"
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