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  1. So many descriptive texts are not in the same language as mine. I would love to be able to copy the entire text so I can paste it into a translator. It is particularly difficult to translate Russian, for example. I have to carefully type in the words using a Russian typewriter. This will make it so much easier and faster to understand profiles. We will be able more easily to get to know each other.
  2. Are you suggesting I have to play 3DXchat on my phone if I want to sync my toy with the game? It seems I would have to log on to 3DXchat from my phone to sync with my toy. But I play the game on my PC. I can't imagine playing it on a phone. I'm missing something.
  3. Lovense Connection Guide, Step 4 Scan QR Code, etc. Lovense Remote app for Windows 10, 64-bit version 1.5.8 In the close range section, there is no plus sign. So, there is no "scan QR" in the drop down box that does not exist because of the non-existent plus sign. I can't sync with 3DXchat game. The only help you gave me so far was a link to the connection guide which I already had which was of no help for reasons I explained. Please take the time to understand the specifics. Your guide does not describe my version of your remote app.
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