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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently recruiting participants for voluntary one to one interviews as part of my PhD on the factors that promote and hinder the sexual fantasy-sexual behaviour relationship. The interview will ask a variety of questions such as: reasons for playing, how the game influences the player's online sexual behaviour as well as offline sexual behaviour, how the game might influence the player's sexual thoughts and feelings and practicality questions such as how often and when they play. It is important to note that players will be asked questions related to sexual thoughts and behaviours (on and offline). The interview will take place via Microsoft Teams and participants have the option to have their camera on or off. This interview will be audio recorded. The specificity of cybersex games' influence on sexual fantasies and behaviours has not been investigated, therefore I am not approaching this research with existing ideas or biases about who plays these games and why. Gamers' individual insights and experiences will help to provide a better understanding of the fantasy-behaviour relationship, specifically how interactive technology can effect it. Furthermore, as this is an under-researched area, participants have the chance to take part in novel research. If you think you might be interested in being interviewed, please click the link below to read a participant information sheet which will provide a lot more information. If you would like to take part after reading you can send an e-mail to indicate your interest. If you have any questions please email Melanie StJohn-Howe (lead researcher): fcl@lincoln.ac.uk If you have been diagnosed with gaming or sex addiction, or if you are currently taking part in other studies, please do not participate in this study. Thank you, Mel STUDY INFORMATION LINK Ethical approval code (University of Lincoln): 2021_6912 Permission for the use of the forum for this research has been granted.
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