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  1. Dear Developers, Lately, that last update has been a massive improvement on added items to the game, which was beautiful to see. Loved the new wings and tails, and I hope they stay as is but can receive some performance improvements slightly. I would also like to ask if possible for more animations with seats if that's ok. Especially single chairs. I have an image of a few seated positions I think would be wonderful to add to the game, not just for couches but for most seats besides bar stools. ---- Another Idea would be wristbands you can have in the game technically; I know these come under braces, but it would be nice to get armbands, leg bands, ankle bands as well. I know some are already added, but a few more unique ones would be nice. ----- Tattoos, I'm not overly fused on tattoos, honestly, but I do think there is a limited number for people to select from. A little more variety would be nice, please. I wouldn't be opposed to the Cheetah skin tattoo receiving some work though a little annoying having yellow dots inside the pattern marks and not being able to change it.
  2. (Animations) Would love to see walking animations or different movement styles to add to the game, especially an all fours movement which can add to the RP. _Walking Animations_ 1) Casual 2) Joyful 3) Firm 4) All fours _Sexy Animations_ Would love to see more kinky animations as well, like cuffs or rope bondage. Of course, people may cringe at this, but people can easily cancel or leave the animation or refuse if they do not like that kind of thing. It just adds more spice to the game, in my opinion, and no, these kinds of things don't always mean the R-word people who think anything to do with any restriction means that word have very narrow minds and lack maturity. Just because someone doesn't like coffee doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to drink it _Body Features_ Adding in beards for males and extra sliders for males and females with weight for stomachs or overall weight is something I think is essential on a social aspect to allow players to express themselves more through their own Avi? + more hairs and tattoos would be nice too
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