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  1. Пока Twister фоткал твои ноги,я фоткала его. Это мой ноут ,в машине валялся. Вот его комп,от нашего FFM еще никто не отказывался 🔞♀️♂️♀️
  2. ПФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФФ ,у меня колготки на каждый день дороже стоят
  3. Twister,if you're out of cuban rum,we'll give you a couple of bottles ❤️ Besos
  4. Wonderful. Twister U surprised me again.I didn't expect U to be sentimental,but it's very very nice. and tnx for present .besos :<>:💋
  5. Besos ,Diablo <3. Twis,include the ringtone from my iphone in the evening program.Nos vemos esta noche
  6. Twister,only fakes can refuse such an offer .We will definitely not refuse <3<3<3 mwahhhs . I'll be there in 4 hrs,I need prepare .
  7. Roshelle

    Your Mood

    this hair coloring was done by grandmothers 40 years ago. airkiss
  8. "girls",if u are shy about showing off your old knickers and men's underpants,show us your makeup and pefrume .we will immediately determine who you are and how old you are in real life
  9. Zlata,they envy you,because they don't have anything real and they (fakes) get angry when you tell the truth
  10. Eh Eh .just bla bla bla and much picture from net Eh Eh
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