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    Hello Gizmo (and Lisa),
    I want to address the need for ghost partners.  As you know, a while back there was a tweak that you could get to have a ghost partner.  3DX decided to end that with one of the newer updates.  This decision completely destroyed a few aspects of the game.  BDSM, master/slave and just being able to have people on display in your club or room in devices that we created was destroyed.  Most of the sex devices/machines that people created had become inoperable and useless.  I still see rooms with devices from before that just don't work anymore. These devices allowed for kinky, freaky and sometimes demented sexual expression for those who wanted to participate.  I am also a builder of clubs, built 5 or 6 now and I had a bdsm cave that was full of great machines and the people loved it, ...all unusable now. 
    You have pretty much turned this game into a dance club with sexual interaction dependent on conversing with people.  What I am saying is that if I want that much rejection I can go to a bar or club in real life.  HERE, I was able to express myself with my building of, well, anything I could think of.  Now anything I build must either fall into a few solo poses or rely on two people hooking up and doing it, which really is rare in this game.  It's just not the same.
    I am sad to say that you took away from the game that we love.  I have lost some interest in building or creating much of anything anymore.  I am hoping you will find a creative and exciting way to bring back those fun, sexy, erotic devices that many of us built by installing a ghost partner.  And if you do, I'm sure it will be even better than the old tweak was.
    Thanks for Listening,
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    My second vid (as in EVER, in my life, never done this before!)
    Sex on the Beach: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf06b80c8101
    Colette gets herself in trouble on a quiet beach
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