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  1. There is an insanity that I've come to know. The willful circle of desired info. Moving so fast from previous woes. Only to return back to them because of forgotten reasons for leaving it so. Remembering why when it's too late. Dwelling with constant human traits. Feeling like I'm the only one changing with time. While everyone else is stuck in their ways. Soon I'll crack and eradicate others. Soon it'll get very very cold. Soon I'll be a walking statue. Emotionless and gone. So exhausted with flawed prototypes who claim to be without faults. Tired of hypocrisy behind monitor lights. One day I'll have my time of vindication. One day...in conversation. The timing is what makes me ponder the depth. The actions are only a preview of the actual steps. She wasn't around until this very moment. A moment that has clearly made a significant wave in my frequency. The timing is why I ponder. What frequency is she on? So that I can disrupt her line. Where is she? This nuisance of mine. I hope she knows my depth of loathing I have for her. I hope she knows it's deeper than the internet. I hope she is ambushed by the harsh reality of her ways. Suddenly in the most horrific way imaginable. I hope she is eternally stuck in that sadistic episode that she brought on herself. Suddenly... I hope she sees me. Because then it'll be too late for her.
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