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  1. Don't come here just to babble for babbling sake....try to actually come up with a creative thought......
  2. I came up with the blank tombstone at least.......don't u have ANYTHING??????
  3. It's ur repeats that put me to sleep...... Don't u have ANYTHING ORIGINAL?????
  4. Well....I guess we've reached the point of total boredom.....thx for at least trying
  5. ok....ur going into repeat mode already.....maybe u can regale us with the Peirouss "stolen room" story again.....there must be someone out there thst hasn't heard it yet.....🤣
  6. Anyway....your lack of originality notwithstanding,I have never felt threatened by you....so i will give you that much credit .......and you may bring all the hate and stupidity you desire to this thread anytime you like
  7. Please don't go away Ex.....we are so close to 700 members.....for which I would say you are responsible for over 600 of them signing up to join Safe Haven after seeing the likes of you in the forum..... If u can just stay here for a couple more pages I'm sure we can reach our goal of 700 https://discord.gg/2a6KbEe
  8. When you shift from hate to stupidity....is when you expose yourself to everyone for what you really are
  9. Cry more and keep wishing for Safe Haven's demise......IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFETIME
  10. How is YOUR discord doing?.....O that's right.....ur too stupid to actually create one and no one in their right mind would ever invite to thiers...lol Safe Haven is alive and well.....and keeps growing and getting stronger every day....YOU on the other hand are old and stale and no longer an active player that no one ever took weriously to begin with because u were are a neverwas and will remaon a neverwillbe because this alone is an obvious display of your lack of imagination....which is understnadable since an original thought has never entered your head since your first day here
  11. The clock is ticking on Gizmo. Most members got 6 months or the year deal when they signed up. ...and most of those signed up for the Christmas deal for a year. Which means ....If the game is not stable by Christmas ....NO ONE IS GOING RENEW!!! ......even this must have sunk into Gizmo's brain by now....
  12. Of course Ex no longer has an active account......even Ex is not THAT stupid 🤣
  13. I swiped this pic from one of our wonderful members at Safe Haven since I don't get my files back till Monday 🤣 I would like to thank everyone that made Gasworks such a success.....especially the Dream Girls...I hope we see them again this Thursday 6-9 EST!
  14. OYA! I'll be thereto start it off in an hour and a half! woooooo
  15. I'll be on the Safe Haven Thread if u want to catch any more of the EX/Jade Wars......Ex knows where to find me
  16. ok....ur reached repeat mode once again.....when u come up with some fresh material u can come back on MY thread
  17. Fine....lets drop the Nationalist crap and go back to ur normal trolling .....and honestly..... I don't care where u were born or what country you live in.
  18. Yes......I had a feeling that one would go "over her head" 🤣 Anyway....If ur gonna dish it out on MY country.....be prepared to recieve it back to ur country
  19. Since YOU are the biggest troll on 3dx.....I think u will appreciate this one.....Ex
  20. Always the party pooper ....Torax
  21. You like this one better?
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