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  1. Tried it and it still didnt work. But still thank you for replying and trying to help
  2. Hmmmmm, That seems like the most likely cause for now to be honest. I will give it a go and see what happens ~_~
  3. The problem has been going on for like the past few hours. I have not been able to enter 3DXchat at all. It keeps saying: " Could not connect to the server " ,and on the whats new section it states: " Please check that your internet connection is enabled. Try to turn off firewall and antivirus software. Because it can block the game." I have rebooted my computer afew times. Please notice that i cant enter the 3DX website at all it. Could it be that 3DX has been blocked in my country? Any help would be lovely. I cant stand it when things dont worry and this is getting on my nerves.
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