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    Ingame : roleplay:P and sex
    IRL : Music , History and sex:P
    Industrial ftw!!
  1. Hey I came with this idea of new 'room' called Black Shrine:P (i know pretty trivial name but ...) Generally its all about ritual services and its not going to be competition to already awesome existing clubs and other people made places. By definition this is an offer for roleplayers but ofc everyone is welcome .. Shrine is open for every gender , sexual orientation ...actually more open mined attendants pleases Master most The rituals/srvices/masses whatever you call it will be rather brief and then after an spiritual buildup you can go and spread lust and depravity in 3dx world:P If you find it interesting and want to spend some fun time with good rp than im more than glad to welcome you:P My ingame character name is Sigmar Service schedule: 1- invications 2- offerings (gifts for blessings) 3 - ritual orgy: There arent atm any specific days of services ..just when im online and in the mood to do it:) Thank you for your time reading and sorry for any spelling mistakes:P Have a pleasant l time out there Archbishop Sigmar:) P.S This is my first post here in foruu but i v made accoutn some time ago under name Vaintroth but my char is Sigmar .. any one know if its possible to change account name here?
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