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    drayton reacted to Felinia in Upcoming Updates 2018   
    Few people agree with me I see. Evidently you all like to pay to do the same things for 2/3 months without updates. You are absolutely right in what you say. But being a developing game, we pay for development, and if you allow me I would like to be updated in whatever they do, whether they are still, or moving. As I, you, we all pay, we should be updated on periods where there are no updates, on what they do and what not. About what they could do and what they could not do. I would like to be updated as a payer of a game, which of the things that we have all proposed can be inserted and which is impossible to insert. But it seems that nobody can give us answers. I do not see moderators writing, I do not see programmers writing, I do not see anyone who cares about us, they post and disappear, and this is not fair to those who pay.
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    drayton reacted to Felinia in Upcoming Updates 2018   
    This is the message I sent to Customer Support. The message that ALL WE should  send to complain. At:  support@sexgamedevil.com and http://3dxchat.com/support/
    My Message wit sexgamedevil and 3dxchat support:
    We are all complaining about the game. There are updates every 2/3 months. We pay for this game, and many have 2 accounts. It is not right nor normal that the work goes very slowly. In the game I have NEVER seen a party organized by the entire staff. I have never seen a staff member write in world chat or help us in problems / discussions. I have NEVER seen a staff member answer my questions about the game. Is it possible that nobody cares about us? Or do we only care about the money we spend and make fun of us? The free Juliet demo game on your site, has the same sexual positions, just slightly different. Do you think that having a Creator for furnishing makes us have fun without thinking about the money we spend? Is it possible that with all the ideas that we are providing you can not put them into practice? With the XGOLD we could buy clothes made by other users of the game. We could buy objects / houses / villas, we could buy sexual positions. And what do we buy with XGOLD? Gift and local beer first place, and new avatars. All things that are useless. I hope you give me an answer because this game begins to be judged bad by everyone now. We are getting bored and nobody seems interested in us. Appearance response from Customer Support. Thank you. Felinia.
    Give your complaints to  support@sexgamedevil.com  and http://3dxchat.com/support/ not just in the forum, do not need to complain  about the forum because they do not read us !!!
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    drayton reacted to Felinia in Upcoming Updates 2018   
    Hello to all. I just wanted to say that it is useless to complain, no one will ever listen to us. Nobody will ever do anything. The updates will be as usual very slow, people pay for not having anything, and there is good so it seems because we all have friends in the game that we would lose if we leave .. Juliet (Sex Session For Free http: // sexgamedevil .com / hotdeal.html) has the same positions, just slightly different, could add those. If I can advise everyone, it's not to complain about the forum because so much moderators / programmers will not read everything we write here. WE HAVE TO CONTACT THE SUPPORT OR Gizmo and Lisa IN PRIVATE MESSAGES TO LAMENTARE BECAUSE ALL OF US PAY AND NOT A LITTLE! Customer Support http://3dxchat.com/support/

    (Sorry for my english, I use google translator, I'm italian)
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    drayton reacted to Felinia in Upcoming Updates 2018   
    Instead of creating the Saloon (where there are very few people) they could create 5 clothes 5 tattoos 5 hairstyles and 1 pose sex. They are the little things they like best, the big ones do not like anyone. We pay 25 euros a month, to do what? Wear the same clothes, have sex, and do evenings on the premises. We liked the implementation of the Object Editor, but this does not mean that we are satisfied because we all pay the subscription, and it is not right not to give us explanations or to settle for things that we might like. At least tell us it can be done or it can not be done. (Sorry my english, but i'm italian, i'm using google translator.)
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    drayton reacted to Felinia in Clothes   
    Salve a tutti. Non so dove inserire questo post, quindi lo inserirò qui.
    Volevo proporre ai programmatori del gioco, se potremmo essere noi utenti a creare vestiti, in modo tale da poter usufruire meglio i Gold  non solo per birre e regali e creazione di nuovi avatar, ma anche per comprare/vendere vestiti che possono piacerci o piacere agli altri. In questo modo, credo, che il gioco sarebbe completamente differente e anche piu costruttivo dal punto di vista estetico. Confido che possiate darci una risposta se questo si possa fare o no. In oltre volevo chiedere di inserire nuovi oggetti ( Bracciali, Collane, Piercing, Anelli, Orecchini sia per uomo che per donna. ) e se potreste inserire i vestiti da donna in quelli da uomo, e quelli da uomo in quelli da donna, in modo tale da avere piu scelta nei vestiti - Sono Italiana, non conosco bene l'inglese, spero di essere stata abbastanza chiara, o almeno il piu chiara possibile, scusate per il mio Inglese - Baci Felinia.
    Hello everyone. I do not know where to enter this post, so I'll put it here.
    I wanted to propose to the game programmers if we could be users to create clothes so that we can enjoy the Gold better not just for beers and gifts and creating new avatars, but also to buy / sell clothes that may please or enjoy others. In this way, I think, the game would be completely different and even more constructed from the aesthetic point of view. I trust you can give us an answer if this can or does not. In addition I wanted to ask for new items (Bracelets, Necklaces, Piercing, Rings, Earrings for both men and women.) And if you could put women's clothing in men's, and men's ones in women's, so I am Italian, I do not know English well, I hope I have been fairly clear, or at least as clear as possible, apologized for my English - kisses Felinia.
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