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Random Thoughts of Kitty

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Posted 26 November 2018 - 02:05 PM


One word with so much meaning. Desire of the heart, of the flesh, of the mind and body, and of one’s soul. It is impossible for a single person to experience all desires in one lifetime though we all strive to reach that ultimate goal.

The heart’s desire trying to claim the one that can make it stutter….beat erratically and swell in abundance. It craves the feeling of another’s beat against its own setting a pace where the two become one……

The desires of the flesh search for that simple touch. The one that can cause it to shiver in delight….make it weep for more. Gentle or rough it speaks in its own way to let the one that controls it know exactly what it wants in its response to the one that wields its pleasure….

The mind and body is the hardest with its desire for they battle against one another. Where the body finds it easy to succumb to its needs the mind is always the reasoning factor and it takes one of strength and determination to breech it’s walls but once it has been torn apart there is no greater gift that can be received….

And finally the soul’s desire…..uniquely it stands apart from all else. To find the one that can blend into it where one can not tell the other apart is a rare and exceptional moment in life. All too often it is used with falseness….easily stated to garner misconceived emotions in the attempt to get to the baser desires of the other and is normally the one desire that is destroyed in the aftermath……

But it is human nature to wish for all these types of desire without thought to consequences. We search, we find, we fail, and we continue the search…...until the day comes that we need not search anymore.

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Posted 12 December 2018 - 12:58 PM

My body craves to serve him….
My soul seeks to please him….

He is the one that controls my every thought….my every desire. My body is his canvas and as his hands paint across my skin and he pushes me past the zone of comfort, I give all with a trust that is uniquely his. With softly spoken commands, he demands my submission and I am all too eager to give him my obedience through the bowing of my back and the shivers that take through my veins…..

Whether it is on my knees before him, taken his silky length into the warmth of my throat or tied to the bed where he can torture me with the slow seduction of his hands, mouth, or toys he chooses…..I am his. He gets all of me, mind….body….soul. Not one part belongs to me any longer nor does it belong to anyone other than him. He is my master….my daddy….my sir. I am his pet….his baby girl….his toy. And by the gods above there is no other place I wish to be….nothing more I wish to do….than to please my Dom..,.

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