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Hi all:


I want to try something for a couple of weeks. I will log playing the character of a Detective who is investigating a dissapearance of a girl.


I will like to find myself how the story is developing and would be happy if you give me some hints if you find me on the game, or write me anonymous message.


Interactions don't need to finish  with sex, so feel free to interact if you just want to be a part of the story. Will try to update what i find on this post.




day 1: some girl told me that some other girls are being kidnapped. Someone takes them and get them in a car. She was kidnaped herself but managed to escape.  Apparently they force them in some way. unfortunately, the girl had to go before I could get more information.



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Day2. I was investigating on the Red light district. Nobody seems yo know the girl, and I even push a bit far a young prostitute but couldn't get any answer.


Some rumours tells that there is An old and Richard man Who could be involucrated and could be giving some Kind of "training" to those poor Girls


Hope to get some answers tomorrow.

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