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Monster Girl Garden, and Noxious Studios

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Hey Everyone!
I'm here to join up with your community, and tell you guys about us and our plans for the future.
We are Noxious Studios, and we are an up and coming game development firm servicing the niche market of the h-game community.
Our first title in progress is called Monster Girl Garden, is a garden building, time management/ life simulation game. The player is granted a dejected section of land in which to build a garden to attract the monster girls of the world. Various types ranging from slime girls and harpies to lamia and succubi, roam the wilderness looking for a place to call home, attract visitors by fulfilling their attraction requirements, and "persuade" () them to stay. Ward off feral untamable girls by sending your strongest to fight them in order to protect your garden and weaker monster girls. If you've ever played Viva Pinata the game will play a lot like that. 
Just linking up the Dev Blog and posting a few screen shots from development here, the game is in EARLY alpha and has been under development for about 2 weeks so keep that in mind. We will be looking into building a community and possibly collecting donations in order to speed up the progress of a public playable demo.


(The final 3 photos showcase the time lapse/ day-night cycle.)





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