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 hi  Gizmo,I don't know English, I write via google translator,I'm not satisfied with this game why the people of 3dx are heartless not so literally,They are 3 people who do not give life to play and exhaust relaxation,it was DJAnda who extorted money from me for a pc like new but who knows if it is a pc maybe to improve life in turkey the amount of money is + - 5000 euro,it threatens to jail, as I found out about it, I wrote with one person is it a good punishment, imprisonment for money, I think that I have given up on it and Anda will live at liberty with conscience what he did the second person Angry Eyes Haagen wrote Angry that I am a boy I play a girl and I confirmed yes it's true for the peace of mind that she should be happy but still does not know and let him have evidence for me please show it hard evidence I did not hear he wrote,the third person is Natalia beautiful blandynka short hair model yes model photo but no luck not her,she follows me and the queen of drama always come up with something to make me humiliated, even if I gave her to ignore, she will find someone to write her spells Natalia if you have a problem with yourself, it's time,this story has been going on for years already in 3dx I think that not only me such an attack, I can see what is happening in 3dx, please do not ban them to 3dx, please do not banish them, just teach them what can happen to them when they continue to do so thank you Gizmo, greetings

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