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Found 3 results

  1. jadekhali

    Safe Haven

    This is just an advertising thread now... I no longer have the time element needed to pursue my "journalism career" ....I can't afford to spend every waking minute of my life here like "The Gang of Four" does....­čĄú I would like to thank all our panelists and advertisers.....Kemistry,Lara,Noir,Roxie,and many others... It's been fun....thank you all that enjoyed it! GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS AND GIFT CARDS!!! at Safe Haven #1 3DX Private Discord Server Over SIX HUNDRED members! Need a DJ or dance team for ur room? We have the largest selection to choose from! https://discord.gg/2a6KbEe
  2. Welcome to the Polish DC 3dxChat-PL server. The server is exchange platform with news and game experiences. Meet new people. Ask questions, find tips for the game and maybe people to talk to. There you can also find out when the next Polish event is.Join us. https://discord.gg/knQg9GE Zapraszamy na polski Serwer DC 3dxChat-PL. Na Serwerze mo┼╝na wymieni─ç si─Ö wiadomo┼Ťciami i do┼Ťwiadczeniami z gry. Pozna─ç nowych ludzi. Zada─ç pytania, znale┼║─ç porady do gry i mo┼╝e ludzi do pogadania. Tam mo┼╝na si─Ö tez dowiedzie─ç, kiedy jest nast─Öpna polska impreza. Masz ochot─Ö, do┼é─ůcz . https://discord.gg/knQg9GE
  3. After weeks of planning and several setbacks, we're proud to bring you the event of the year so far. A huge collaborative effort between the members of Bass Factory, a DJ label and Discord server that Pierrousss, Alerinna and I started just over one month ago, with the intention of bringing the best DJs, builders and other creative minds of 3DX together under one roof. This event also commemorates Mega Clubbers, which was acquired and became our creative department. Our ambition extends beyond the games limitations, where within our group you'll find no drama and no lack of respect. We strive, not only to create the coolest events on the calendar, but also provide a safe haven, where everybody's welcome to come, hang out, share music and pictures, voice chat (not mandatory) and contribute whatever they're inspired to. Anybody who'd like to join only needs to message either myself or any Bass Factory member for an invite. Our sincerest thanks to everybody who helped make this happen, for your patience and endeavour. Special thanks to Rosa, who will be hosting the magnificent room for us. Powered by BunnyBot
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