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Found 4 results

  1. I have been away from this game for quite some time now and decided to get back in to it. After buying a 6 month subscription redownloading the game I am now stuck loading and there seems no end in sight I am on version 2.8 and build 436, this happens on both US and EU severs Please HELP!!!
  2. I've been trying to get in to 2.0 all night but keep getting errors from the patcher saying that one of the patch files does not exist, someone please help!
  3. Sooo...I'm having this weird issue with 3DX and wanted to know if anyone else had run into it and found a solution. When I run 3DX, after a variable amount of time (sometimes it happens immediately after entering any room with a music stream, sometimes it can work for an hour or more before this happens), the sound in the game will go out and take the sound down for my entire laptop. Even alt-tabbing out of the game, I can't hear sounds on my laptop at all, whether it's YouTube, iTunes, system sounds...nothing. If I open up the Sound mixer and mute 3DX, the sound for the rest of my laptop will come back. Or if I shut down 3DX the sound will restore. But so long as 3DX is outputting sound and unmuted, no sounds/music, including 3DX, work anywhere on my laptop at all once that issue presents until I mute 3DX or shut it down. Honestly, it takes a lot away from the game for it to be in this sort of black hole of silence for most of the time I'm on. I've unistalled and reinstalled my sound drivers (Realtek HD Audio). That didn't help. I've tried restarting, and that obviously helps in the sense that it makes me restart the game which makes the sound work for some priod of time. But inevitably it goes out again and takes the whole laptop sound system with it. Running Windows 8.1 on a shitty Lenovo laptop if it makes any difference. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi guys, I'm running 3DX on 2 pc's - one of them works fine, no dropouts, decent connection, no lag etc. However, on my second PC, I'm having a lot of trouble connecting. I can login to the game, login to a character, and easily get to my apartment. It's fine up to that point, until I try to enter a public area such as the nightclub, or sinclub. At this point, it goes to the loading screen (With the image, random gameplay tip and spinning indicator), and the indicator will spin about half a turn and then stop. The game will hang at that point for anywhere up to 30 seconds, during which time the music from the area will often start playing fine. Eventually, after hanging for quite some time, the area will load, and I will be teleported into it, devoid of all other players, showing a "Connection Lost" error. Clicking this boots me back to character select. Every so often, very very rarely, I am able to enter a public area on this PC. When I do, I experience no connection issues, no lag, no problems. Which leads me to think it's got to have something to do with connecting to the servers? Another issue that makes me think this is when I'm at my apartment, if I choose to add a partner, it will hang for anywhere up to 30 seconds, before they appear. They usually appear and everything inside the apartment works fine when they do. I wonder if this is also a "connecting to server" issue, as I imagine they download the character data from server, and everything after that is "offline" in your apartment? I don't know. Just a theory. I've checked out my PC's firewall settings, and the game still has "Connection Lost" issues even when I've completely disabled the firewall. I thought it might have been a graphics card issue, but I've just swapped that out and it's still a problem. I'm still able to play on one of my PC's, but it'd be nice to get it going on both! Any ideas? Thanks!
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