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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, for restriction reasons for the adults' website, I cannot use my bank's credit card to pay for the subscription. I contacted support and they recommended me find a virtual credit card on google, but I did not find something helpful for 3dxchat that I will be able to use in my country (in the south of Europe). Most of them are useful to pay only for specific websites or inside the united states or a few other countries. I want to know if you can introduce me a valid website to provide useful virtual credit card to use for 3dxchat, or if you can pay for my subscription and I payback to you using paypal?
  2. I don't want to pay with a credit card and I read the other posts about it. The problem is : I can't see any solution still available to pay with paypal. At least can I pay with prepaid mastercard ? (I'm from Canada) thanks for helping
  3. Hello There ! Is there any possible way to pay with PaySafeCard If there is Any way please tell me Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen :3
  4. i just bought a membership about an hour ago. shortly after, i received an email saying that BMT got my payment and it is being processed. after, i checked my bank info and the payment is being taken out like it should. but now, its been over and hour and a half and i have not received any other emails confirming my membership, download links, or anything like that. according to their website, the office hours are mon-fri until about 6 pm, so my question is, is my membership going to be active soon, or am i going to have to wait out the weekend before i am able to get on??? any info or help would be much appreciated. thanks!
  5. Hi Community, I need some help. Usually I can renew my subscription by using a 'virtual credit card' from the website Pay2Day (I live in The Netherlands, so this is my best option). This morning my subscription ended and when I tried to renew it my payment got declined. After three tries the system has blocked me for 24 hours. Now I can't renew and get back into the game. Has anyone here had experience with this problem already? I really want to get back in, to contact a few people, but now it's impossible. BMT kept saying the payment was declined by my bank (eventhough it's a prepaid credit card). Any help is dearly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  6. Is it possible to acquire a 3dxchat account using an ordinary card without being international? I have many friends who want to join the community but not all have an international card only Brazilian.
  7. Greetings, excuse my broken english I would really like to buy a membership but i dont have / want to use a creditcard as payment. But a paysafecard for me is the best way to pay via internet but this seems to be no option when subscribing ( only creditcard) In the Support section FAQ here im told to register at netteller.com , create an account , pay with paysafecard ( which isnt an option there, i tried , still waiting for support answer there) Even if this will be working i find this rather uncomfortable. So my question is why cant i pay with paysafecard , and if i can how do I and why is it hidden. Im pretty sure you would widen your customer range when making such payments available Would really appreciate an helpfull answer With regards, Grimm
  8. I want to pay with paypal,would you team send me a paypal account and help me to creat an account? Thanks!!
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