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Found 4 results

  1. 3DX Chat must add new feature of Synchronised action while Changing poses. Example: Synchronising action in Adult Game- Chat House 3D Roulette while changing pose
  2. Hi Guys, AussieJames in game, here with an announcement For the fun of it 'theblackmonster' and I are currently involved in filming choreographed sex scenes in game, editing them and uploading them to the internet The idea centres around having fun in game as well as showcasing the filming skills, set designs and new poses I've been creating I have recruited over 60 people already, and, want to film an orgy scene on my beach palace that I have designed, within the next month. If you are interested send my an inbox or find me in game and add me as a friend. Right now we are making 3 kinds of movies - Group Scenes, as simple as filming all the wild action in huge sets of over 20 people - 1on1 scenes with real vocals from real adult films being voiced over the top of the animation. This gives each movie a more unique feel then uploading the same content and audio as many other people - Story line movies with subtitles explaining the plot as well as character communication Requirements - Anyone who is laid back and down to have fun is probably the biggest requirement. - However if you can't speak very good English it may be difficult understanding what the director is saying. - Willing to participate in practice shoots, company 'meetings' and other company events, cameras off - Happy to have their Xchat name out their on the internet, though we can give you an Alias at your request Also Looking For - People with set design Ideas or already made sets - People with pose design Ideas - People with story lines and other ideas of what kind of movies to make Here are some photos of the company at work so you have an idea
  3. Personally, I think it would be great if 3dx could establish some titty fucking poses now that women have all this breast enhancement.
  4. lysaX

    Anal Sex

    Ok, i am a fan of anal sex as much as anyone. but guys, all the current "strapon" poses for f/f are anal...everyone. i also realize that this is largely due to the idea of killing two birds with one stone, meaning that each of these can include a shemale perspective. but come on, the kitty deserves her due. Given that our poor pussies are being ignored to such a great extent, i think the Dev's should give us some xtra attention. my humble recommendations are as follows: 1) give us a f/f fisting pose. its time is now. 2) if you are gonna stick us doing so much anal, then give f/f all the same poses as hetero folk. 3) consider throwing our poor kitty's a bone (pardon pun) and let us have a pose for good ole finger fuckin! just some ideas...to get things rolling.
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