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Found 5 results

  1. Kittens on a train?! How cute... no, HOW HEAVY! Don't think Mew Mew Choo Choo, because this Sunday will be wheels of steel and a heavy iron road thanks to one of the most metal line-ups ever to grace Pussy Riot. So join @Mulan, Naglfar, Paja and @danididit for a night of true Rock n Rail in Dota's incredible new room.
  2. I say! Pussy Riot kicks off May and tears down the Union Flag with four hours of mayhem and Great British music – from bands your mum and dad loved right through to today's YouTube upstarts! DJs @Mulan, @janeukk, @danididit and @atlante make it fun, make it loud, and make us proud! Come on over and help us fly what's left of the Red, White and Mew!
  3. This Sunday... a Rocking, Rolling, Rapping, Roaring PUSSY RIOT! with Meowy Mega Mixes from @Sylviex, @Mulan and @danididit Don't miss it!
  4. Lisbon at Midnight/LXFactory 1pm - 4pm CET - Host & DJ Padme her famous buildings from Lisbon, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon and her Mixed genre of Pop & Rock, dance, chill and enjoy 3 days aweek Aqua Lounge (New Venue) - 7pm - midnight CET - Host Arran, DJ's Arran, Alphawulf, Chloe, Felia & DaviS with a mix of Rock & Metal & the Sirens & Sailors Dance team for your entertainment
  5. LX Factory 1pm - 4pm CET Host & DJ Padme with her version of this legend with a twist, New Venue Opening, Rock & Pop mix Ice Cube Club 8pm - 11pm CET Host & DJ DavinaS with Arran's Penguins going mad, Arran is away so the Penguins will play Rock & Heavy Rock Wulf's Den 2am - 5am CET (Tuesday morning) 8pm - 11pm EST (Monday evening) Host & DJ Alphawulf with a Rock & Pop Mix
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