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Found 5 results

  1. Well Dears and dears, I promised that I would moved My teaching and musing blogs from RLC to over here... Sooooooo, wish Me luck as I start this process. As will all things Dears and dears, all of this is taken from My Memoirs and My years of experience. Also note, this is the view of Myself, a former RL Dominatrix. Please use as information from a Source, and not a bible. Research, ask questions, discuss with others. Discuss with your Chosen/chosen, and decide what is best for you and them. This is simply information to help clarify things others may run across in their pursuit of knowledge...Until Later ^-~Z
  2. To spend my time with inworld and have my attention. Message me here if interested.
  3. WARNING! THIS POST TALKS ABOUT SEXSLAVES, BLACKMAIL AND SUBMISSION OF FEMALES! IF THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, PLEASE MOVE ALONG! OTHERWISE, FEEL FREE TO JOIN ME FELLOW PERVERTS! <3 Hi guys, Cathy here! Recently I have been dwelling deep into a game called "Noxian Nights" and was mesmerised by it. Its a game where you start as a heroine who has to give into more and more stuff and due to your choices, you can either come out as a strong hero in the end, or just a fuckslut. I am very into these kind of fantasies of blackmail and sexslaves, so I went to look into similar games. You guys have any tips of games were you play as a strong female that gets forced into slavery or blackmailed? Any tips are helpful! Thx! xx Cathy
  4. Welcome to our party, this Friday, 24 October 2014! Here are some rules:All the guys have to be inside the camera, behind bars) If a girl wants, she will go to you;Girls dominate, they can dance on the pole to make fun of the prisoners who can not get them, can go in camera to the prisoner... The poses are selected only girls.If you came to the party in the wrong costume, you will not be able to get a gift. Too rough prisoners will be brought to a horrible tortured and executed = ignoreDo not think that if you're at a party for 5 minutes, then you get a prize.Music at the party not to dance, it is to create an environment.
  5. Hi, I would need some help in decorating one of my player home's! I want it to be kind of a sex dungeon, and I have some issues doing it, a lot of it is done, but need an outside opinion! :-S
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