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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am new to 3DXChat but i love it already. I tried some pictures with my hot wife. Hop you like them. I am planning to do more. Doesn't she look great all covered :). I love the view
  2. Hi! <3 This topic is for those who want more solo poses. I love the poses we have so far! I like masturbating on my knees and sitting on the couch with my legs spread wide while I finger my pussy. But I would love to have more options to masturbate. Face down, ass up while I finger myself from underneath would be nice, or lying on my back with my hips in the air and fingers inside is also a favorite. I'm sure there are dozens more (I'll even post example pics later when I'm not at work haha). While the majority of us prefer our sexual situations to be with partners, sometimes masturbation is just what does the trick. I actually get turned on watching my avatar overwhelmed with lust and touching her body. It also works extremely well in some roleplay situations with partners. One girl on the couch with her legs spread while another is on her knees in front of her is a very versatile arrangement to have fun with. More solo poses in general would also lead to more fantastic roleplay. Teasing poses (bending over while wiggling my ass in the air, for instance) could be used in so many situations. I would assume solo poses would be easier to implement than couple/group poses. Of course, there should be new poses for all genders. I only provided examples for females because, well, I think girls are super cute. : ) I'd love to see other people's ideas and pictures, if you have them. Surely I'm not the only one who wants this?
  3. I do not have any sound for sex sounds ......I have set it up to 100% and clicked APPLY, yet I still don't hear from myself or a partner. HELP!!! I have music sounds but not the sex sounds
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