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Found 2 results

  1. I haven't found a way to resolve this issue and its just waaay out of synch which ruins the entire purpose of it, for me at least. I have tried reconnecting it and rescanning the QR Code hundred of times, the firmware and drivers are up-to-date and my phone is on the same network as my PC. PC connected via LAN, my phone via WLAN (no VPN on either sides connected) Help?
  2. Ok this is a odd one I have been wrestling with for a while. I see others have it too but nobody has a thread on it yet (That search revealed) Whenever I have the radio enabled I get disconnected from the servers anywhere from1 minute after up to 2 hours after enabling it. Some days it is every 5 minutes. If I have to radio disabled I can party for hours in hours without a single disconnect. More that that, if I listen to streaming music outside 3DX while playing 3DX....no disconnects at all. There is something that specifically has to do with the streaming of music through 3DX that is causing my modem to loose sync and reset. Yes, the lights on the modem go from green to amber and have to resync back to green before I can get back in. extremely annoying but I am at a total loss.
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