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Found 4 results

  1. I'm running dual SLI GTX960s with 16GB RAM. When launching the game, after login, no 3D graphics appear. Instead everything is black. I have adjusted the Resolution, Image Quality, turned on and off HQ Water, anti aliasing and VSync. Nothing has resolved the issue. (See attached screen shot) Also, I am unable to create a starting character. The above issue has prevented me from seeing the options I was selecting for my first character when I first launched the game. I restarted the game in an effort to correct the problem without creating my first character and now I only have an option to create a new character for 10,000 xGold, and that can't be right since I just paid money to be able to play the game. I shouldn't have to buy additional gold before I can even start play should I? Please let me know if this is a feature or a bug. If it's a feature, please refund my money.
  2. Hi guys, how are you? Good hope you are! But the subject is not here and I'm here because I'm having a very boring probrema in the game! After the game began to update soon began to a fucking black screen everywhere that has nature primarily in my first home and on the beach that was my favorite place in the game! And good I had already given this probrema before I went in configurations and solved it so that this time the game updated again and was catching good so that out of nowhere gave a fucking mistake that made my game black screen everywhere on the beach in the My first apartment and on the ship this error ta killed me with anger so I'm here in the forum looking for a solution and sincerely hope you find a solution to that!
  3. OK so when I kicked up 3dx Chat a patcher program ran automatically. When it had finished, I was left with just a Black Screen with the 3DX Logo top left and the Window Min/Max/Close options top right. I closed that down and began the game again but now all I get is this aforementioned black screen with no way to progress from it. Could anybody advise on this please? Thanks
  4. I decorated my house 1, and used a lot of furniture. Everything seemed fine till I got out of editing mode and went back to house to see. When I appeared in my house, the screen was black, but I could hear my foot steps as i moved about. I can log in still from the character screen by clicking the middle button, editing character mode i think it is. But, now I can't use house 1. I have tried inviting a friend over, and found out they had the same issue at my house. Is there a way to refresh your house, without actually being in it? Thank you.
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