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  1. Deutsch: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/723-basic-game-manual-en-ger-fr/&do=findComment&comment=28622 Français: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/723-basic-game-manual-en-ger/&do=findComment&comment=28877 (by mysterico, thank you) Spain: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/723-basic-game-manual-en-ger-fr/?p=39963 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Manual starts at the point where you have installed the game already. 1. Login Details: Enter your Email and Password 2. Your Character/Avatar - You can have/create up to 3 Characters/Avatars of any gender you like (example: 3 females or 2 females, 1 male etc.). - Your character name needs to have a length of minimum 4 chars (no spaces, no numerics) Select a gender for your character, enter a name for her/him and click "create character". A profile dialog for this character will appear. Filling it is optional but if you write some details about you (or your avatar in case of roleplay) will help you to attract more people to talk to you. Age: Any numeric from 18 to 99 (if you enter as example 14, it will put 18 by default).Interested in: Men/Women If you are interested in both, simply tick both genders else just one (optional)Location: Anything you like, probably a country makes sense here (optional)About Me: Any text which describes your current character (optional)Married To: Your partners name when married. (Only available when married with the marry system) (Optional) # NewIf you are done, press "Save" which forwards you to the character selection screen. 3. Character Selection Screen At this screen, you select one of your created characters. Click "Play" to enter the game with this character. Click Icon in middle will let you change the profile of this character. Click "X" to delete your character. Attention: If you delete your avatar, you will loose all gifts received, friendlist, home changes made etc. 4. First time entering the game After you entered the game with your very first character you will find yourself in your "Home 1". The ingame tutorial will start right away, please follow it as it teaches you how to move around, how to decorate/change your home and how you can change your avatar appearance/appearal. If you want to go trough the tutorial any time in future, open the "Menu" by clicking the button at the top right (alternativ ESC). Find at the bottom of the dialog "Reset Tutorial". 5. User Interface Top Left - Your current character (name) in use. - Your available XGold amount (for your account, not per character) - Button to buy more XGold. - Add Virtual Partner (Only available in rooms privately.) You add "sex bots" to your home. Click this to select either your own avatar(s) or system avatar(s). Sex Bots are non player characters, you can not interact with them (such as making them cum or swapping poses). This feature is very good, if you want to check out how things work or simply for having some fun time with yourself. Top Right My Profile Edit/view your character profile and gifts received. Settings Access game settings. Menu Alternativ Key: ESC open/close menu - Return to game: Closes menu dialog - Settings: Access game settings - Change Character: Leads you to the character selection screen - Logout: Leads you to the login screen - Exit Game: Immediality closes the game - 3DX Chat Community: Opens Forum Website - Report a Bug: Leads you to the Sexgamedevil contact website - Basic Game Manual: Leads you to this manual Settings (the gear icon, Key: F1) - Graphics Quality Low to extremely high (low spec. computers should use medium at very crowded places) - Screen Resolution: Set it to your current screen resolution (recommended). - FPS Limit: Frames per second, for better computers set this to unlimited for a smooth experience. - Oculus Rift/V Stroker: Tick this option, if you do own any of this products - Windowed: Runs game in windowed mode (Tip: press ALT+ENTER to switch on the fly) - Music: Volume Slider for music running at the club, your home and so on - Sound: Environment (such as ocean waves, birds..) and Character Sounds (moaning..) Right Side Dances: Click them to dance anywhere. Stop dancing: Click any of the idle buttons. Sit 1& 2: Makes your character sit anywhere (no furniture needed, sits on ground) Lie 1 & 2: Makes your character lay down anywhere (no furniture needed, great for sunbathing at the beach) Hello: Your character will wave in the direction you're facing. Applause: Your character will applause to the direction you're facing. Run & Walk: Defines the movement speed your character will travel the world of 3DXChat. Sex: Opens a sex menu you can select poses from. This is a stand alone sex menu, no furniture required. You can use this for having sex anywhere on floor (beach sand or on floor at your home, if you wish). For the most poses/animations you do need a "partner": - To make someone a "partner" simply click a person and select from context menu "Partner". - This person needs to accept your request in a certain time (same for you, if you receive a request). Bottom Right Menu Photo - Opens up the photo camera interface that allows you to customise your viewer of the game to take screenshots. Clothes - Allows you to bring up a clothing interface of all your currently worn clothing items, which allows you to toggle them off and on. Chat - Toggles the chat box off and on. Bottom Left Menu Select Location Opens a list of public places you can visit (clubs, homes, beaches..) Character Leads you to the Changing Room where you change your character appearance and apparel. Home Editor (Under Select Location then Customise on one of the 2 apartments) Select a home you want to decorate. This will lead you to the editing mode for "Home1" and "Home2". 6. Movement Mouse - Clicking on the floor will move your character to where you clicked (don't click too far away, walk in little steps). - Mousewheel will zoom in and out of your character - Right mouse button down and moving mouse allows you to rotate the camera left/right/up/down (around your character). F5 Key Pressing F5 Key allows you to "spy cam". Moving the 'camera' is done with the WASD (Arrow Keys do work too). Right mouse button down allows you, in this mode, to pan around. Arrow up/down or W/S key moves your camera forward and backward. Arrow left/right or A/D key moves your camera left and right. Hold down SHIFT to speed up the "Spy cam" movement (thanks Rochi). Example for an "upskirt" view: 1. Make your camera facing the floor (right mouse button down) 2. Move camera forward by pressing arrow key up (moves you closer to floor) 3. Close to the legs of someone, make your camera look up (right mouse button down) 4. Press arrow up key for going closer to the pinky bits. Please note, clicking left mouse button anywhere on floor will move your character. 7. Key Bindings 1 Moan (works not only on sex furniture) Will also fix eye blinking bug (if occurs) 2 Cum (active while sex) 3 Hide/Show Penis (available for females while having FF sex) ESC Menu (ESC again closes menu) F1 Game Settings F5 Spy Cam (WASD/Arrow key camera movement) SHIFT+O Oculus Rift mode SHIFT+Z Hide/Show Interface (good for taking screenshots) SHIFT+C Hide/Show Mouse Cursor SHIFT+X Background Blur, focus on character (good for screenshots) Enter/Return Shows Chat Box (if not visible) 8. Chat with people First off, if you do not see a chat box press Enter. You see world and local chat if you are in an open user room or at any official location. If you are at your home and it is not open for either friends or all, you will not have any chat option besides of World and Local chat (open a room: click "open room" at the bottom left). To send someone a private message (PM), simply click a person to get the context menu with message option. Or find them in your friend list and select Private Message when their profile appears. # New It is possible to change text color in chat and character profile. It can give your profile a very unique look and attract people. You can use basic IBB board/HTML compliant codes for this. Examples below: <color=red>Your super nice text in red.</color> <b>bold text font</b> HTML is no longer available in chats and only available for profiles and gifts! # New <i>Italic text font</i> <size=99>super big text font</size> (example shows regular size. Default fontsize is 14) Always close the "tags" you open. Example: open a tag with <color> and close it with </color> (the text between the tags will take the effect) You can also combine the codes/tags like this: <color=red><b>Bold Red Superfrog</b></color> Just one thing I suggest, please refrain from excessive use of colors and font sizes in any of the chats. No one likes an unreadable messy chat. 9. Interact with people Clicking with left mouse button on people will bring up the context menu. Context Menu: - Profile View the profile of this person - Gift Send a gift to this person - Send PM Send a private message to this person - Actions Couple Dance (needs to be accepted by person), Cuddle, Kiss Cheek - Partner Request partnership (for having sex or sitting together; needs to be accepted by person) - Marry Requests a proposal to marriage of the selected person. (Costs 10,000 xGold up on acception) # New - Invite Send Request to this person for one of your homes (home do not need to be open for friends or all) - Group Chat Invite person for group chat (will create own PM tab in chat, you can add more people at any time) - Add Friend Add person to your friendlist - Ignore Add person to your blocklist (will disappear on your screen right away) (Will then show a red unclickable and unidentifiable ghost when they interact with an object) # New - Report Report person for abusing chat, racial slurries and such. - Delete Friend Removes the person from your friend list Tip 1. Do not send "cold" invites/actions to people you do not know. It is plain rude and leads to that they ignore you. Tip 2. If someone "pisses" you off, do not argue (unless you have fun doing so). Just add them to your blocklist and keep your good mood. ~End of Manual for now~ To be continued ^^ Continued version of the Manual by Ashbash. (It seems AngelSpit is no longer active so I will add the newer features to the guide after this line. Also added # New on updated parts in the original guide.) 10. Newer features Marry: A marriage system has been implemented into the game, which allows players to marry one another if they wanted to. Your names will appear in eachothers profile under the "Married To" option which is only available when the marriage has been accepted with the marry option in the player context menu. My Gallery: - Upload Photo: Where it allows you to browse your computer for photos you would like to upload to your in game profiles. ~ Photo uploads to your in game profile must consist of a Pixel Resolution of 8000 x 5000 or below in size, and must be 10mb or below. ~ The extension must be all in lowercase example being .jpg or .png; The game will not upload images with the extensions .JPG and .PNG so make sure all extensions are lowercase letters. - Buy Photo Slot: Let's you use your xGold currency to purchase additional photo storage slots for your profile. (Prices rise higher the more you unlock.) - Profile Picture: Allows you to select which image you would like to have as your in game profiles main picture. (The on players will see first when they open your profile.) - Delete: Deletes the image selected, that then free's that photo slot up for another image if required. Photo Tool: - Zoom: Allows you to zoom your camera in to a specific point if wanted, that in essence changes the FoV (Field of View) of the camera. - Aperture: Allows you to change the intensity of the Depth of Field (Blur Effect) from a slight amount of Blur, to completely filling up the background and foreground with the blur effect. - Fly Cam: An alternative means to F5 cam, toggles the Free Cam mode on and off and has an instruction of keys beneath the option for instruction. - Take Shot: The button used to take the screen shot when you have altered the settings to your choosing. - Open Screenshots Folder: This opens up the screenshot directory on your computer system where all images taken with the in game photo tool will be stored and saved. ~ Be warned though, you must have 3DXChat running as Administrator to store the images there successfully, or set the "Write" permissions of the screenshot folder for all users.
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