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Found 20 results

  1. Guest

    Beautiful Women Images

    Just wanted a dedicated thread (post) for beautiful women with all their gorgeous curves, whether its a picture, sketch, drawing, animation, etc. I wanted these images in one location and not have to plow through the "random" or funny" existing posts. Don't get me wrong I love both of those posts and contribute frequently...and will keep doing so. I would like to keep this around an "NC-17 rating"...Note: Paloma has a beautiful "R rating" post (with a specific purpose) called "Erotic Photography" so, I would like to maintain a clear distinction between the two. ~Thank you
  2. Typhoon Club and Eclipse Club proudly presents Neon Party Every third thursday of the month starting at 20:00 CET Grand Opening with DJ Darvina Feifire aka DJ Nico DJ Sany DJ Blackwolf and Sophisticats Dance Team Typhoon Dance Team Eclipse Dance Team Together to make a great party together to make you have fun !!! We are waiting for you , dont miss it Grand opening is 17 - 02 - 2022
  3. Guest

    Your favorite pussy pictures...

    Meow: Now that I got your attention... This post is for pictures of your favorite kittens. *wags finger* remember cute adorable kittens only
  4. Guest

    Love Bites...

    Love Bites...and nothing bites harder or better than a good Vampire. This thread is simple, just post your favorite Vampire or Vampiress images (sexy, funny, scary) whatever, just have fun...
  5. Imagine a world without Monsters... We share a small world with Monsters, Monsters that fly planes into buildings and blow up trains and buses, Monsters that poisons its own people and Monsters that massacre without warning. Who are these Monsters? Where do these Monster come form? Why are these Monsters Hell bent on carrying out the most Evil acts one can imagine? How do you stop these Monsters? And how do you prevent new Monsters from being created? Everyday it seems that these Monsters are Devolving even further and that the light of hope dims more and more with each new horrific act. I may be naive (still), but I just have to believe that "there will be a day when all the Monsters will be gone". I just have to believe that... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Imagine (in English) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger Our brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world And the world will live as one - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Imaginez (in French) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Imaginez , il ya pas de paradis Il est facile si vous essayez Pas l'enfer en dessous de nous Dessus de nous seulement le ciel Imaginez tous les gens Vivre pour aujourd'hui Imaginez , il ya pas de pays Il ne est pas difficile à faire Rien à tuer ou mourir pour Et pas de religion trop Imaginez tous les gens Vivre la vie en paix Vous pouvez dire que je suis un rêveur Mais je ne suis pas le seul Je espère qu'un jour tu nous rejoindras Et le monde sera aussi une Imaginez aucune possession Je me demande si vous pouvez Pas besoin de cupidité ou de la faim Notre fraternité de l'homme Imaginez tous les gens Partage de tout le monde Et le monde vivra comme un - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Stellen Sie sich vor (in German) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Stellen Sie sich vor es gibt keinen Himmel Es ist einfach, wenn Sie versuchen, Keine Hölle unter uns Über uns nur Himmel Stellen Sie sich all die Menschen, Leben für heute Stellen Sie sich vor es gibt keine Länder Es ist nicht schwer zu tun, Nichts zu töten oder zu sterben fur Und auch keine Religion Stellen Sie sich all die Menschen, Genieße das Leben in Frieden Sie können sagen, ich bin ein Träumer Aber ich bin nicht der einzige, Ich hoffe, eines Tages werden Sie sich uns anzuschließen Und die Welt wird eins sein Stellen Sie sich keinen Besitz Ich frage mich, wenn du kannst Keine Notwendigkeit für Gier oder Hunger Unsere Bruderschaft der Menschen Stellen Sie sich all die Menschen, Teilen die ganze Welt Und die Welt wird eins sein - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wyobraź sobie (in Polish) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wyobraź sobie, że nie ma nieba To łatwe , jeśli spróbujesz Nie , do diabła pod nami Ponad nami tylko niebo Wyobraź sobie wszystkich ludzi Życie na dzisiaj Wyobraź sobie że nie ma krajów To nie jest trudne do zrobienia Nic nie zabić lub umrzeć na I żadna religia nie zbyt Wyobraź sobie wszystkich ludzi Żyjących życie w pokoju Można powiedzieć, że jestem marzyciel Ale nie jestem jedyny Mam nadzieję, że pewnego dnia dołączysz do nas A świat będzie jako jeden Wyobraź sobie nie dobytek zastanawiam się, jeśli Ciebie mógłby Nie ma potrzeby chciwości czy głodu Nasza braterstwo człowieka Wyobraź sobie wszystkich ludzi Dzielenie się cały świat A świat będzie żył jako jeden - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Представьте себе (in Russian) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Представьте себе, нет ни рая, Это легко, если вы попытаетесь Нет , черт возьми ниже нас Над нами только небо Представьте, что все люди Жить сегодняшним днем Представьте себе, нет ни в одной стране Это не трудно сделать Ничто не убить или умереть ибо И ни одна религия слишком Представьте, что все люди Живите в мире Вы говорите, что я мечтатель Но я нетолько один Я надеюсь, что однажды вы присоединитесь к нам И, мир будет как одна Представьте, ни имущества Интересно, если вы можете Нет необходимости в жадности или голода Наше братство человека Представьте, что все люди Обмен весь мир И,мир будет жить как одна Hope I translated your language properly...*hugs* and please watch the video
  6. Guest

    ...mmm fresh air ❤

    mmm fresh air ❤ nothing like being outside after a miserable storm ❤ thank you Gizmo ❤
  7. Well, now that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are almost over... "What were some of your most favorite moments ?" Hmm, 4me I have to say watching Katie Ledecky was one of my favs by far... https://youtube.com/watch?v=yX5JqNQAQk8 PS: I'm sure there some smartie out there that will say...that it's finally over. So I saved u the trouble ha : )
  8. OK, I just finished folding laundry and again and I'm missing another sock. I don't get it, I've never lost a shirt, never lost a bra, never lost any underwear (and some will actually fit inside a shot glass). Its random, never both, doesn't matter if its ankle socks, calf, knee, thigh highs whatever the size. So knowing there are some really clever minds here, I thought I would pose these questions to you: Why do you think socks randomly disappear in the laundry (washer/dryer)? and more importantly where do you think they go? The "wilder the idea" the better because this is a age old question that no one has solve to date, I'm sure there's a Nobel Prize in it for the winner...in science, economics, something.
  9. Guest

    WooHoo USA Girls Rock

    Abby Wambach, wife Sarah Huffman share kiss after U.S. World Cup win ❤ Congrats Girls...Yeah ❤
  10. Global Climate Change (Real or Not)... with all the discussions lately in the news regarding global climate change: - rising temperatures - rising sea levels - increased wildfires - more droughts for longer periods - intensified storms - etc. I was wondering what people's opinions were here, especially because we have people from all over the world here in our little community. PS: My opinion is that I believe this is scarey real and changes at a "Global Level" need to start happening sooner rather than later. Even though we may already be too late to reverse some of the damage currently here and prevent some of the damage heading our way...
  11. Guest

    Country Pride

    Country Pride: I thought that since there are so many people here from varying countries that it would be nice if you shared anything at all about your specific country that you like, makes you proud or represents the best of your country. It can be people, landmarks, pictures, videos, music, etc... Please just positive comments, if for some reason you have something negative to say just pm the poster and discuss offline-thank you. Note: Of course there are things about all of our countries that I'm sure we don't like (just watch the daily news). This post is just to remind everyone that there is still a lot of good/great things all around us if you want to see it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - My Country: United States Description: This picture shows NYC ❤ today, the Heart Beat of the North East
  12. Guest

    Good Morning 3dx Community

    Just wanted to start a thread (post) where I could say "good morning" to the entire 3dx community every morning. You are welcome to join if you want...
  13. Guest

    3DXChat Wildlife Reserve

    3DXChat Wildlife Reserve: What animals would you add to make our Reserve World Famous...and the largest attraction on the Planet PANTHERS
  14. Guest

    Finish mine then Start yours

    The goal of this game is to "complete the persons sentence above you" and then "start a partial sentence for the person below you" to complete. The sentences can be as long or short as you want and about anything. Hope this make sense...last game for a while I promise. Sentence started by Imaginary member above me: I don't want to fight you but, I do have...50 hungover monkeys in the back of my car dying to kick someone's ass My partial sentence for the next person: I must have gotten drunk last night 'cause I woke up...
  15. Guest

    A 3DX story

    So this is a story we started here in the forum. The bright mind behind the idea is our dear Eclipse. I took the liberty to start a new topic for the story.Hope you forgive me for that Eclipse? I took the liberty of putting together the story so far... with only minimal editing and having to skip one post because that type of stuff happens on these threads sometimes. Sorry, Nephilin, that Guest post is the one the next poster went with. I must have gotten drunk last night 'cause I woke up and I found my computer on with all of these unwanted emails from my ex who I had drunk emailed last night. I than rubbed my eyes and headed to the bathroom to wash my face. I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the person looking back. I wonder what happened to Baby Jane. It has been years since that time at the beach. I wonder if she would ever go back there and feel the same way again? Life is too short to let the sweet memories go I don't know what the hell happened last night. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. I need to try harder at figuring out how ancient threads resurrect. But now that I think of it I'm sure that it happens because people have nothing better to do. Maybe I should just try to figure out what I still feel for her....anger?...pity?....or...love? There's only one way to find out...I will rip her clothes off and see how she reacts, unbelievably she fell asleep as soon as I touched her body. I might be really hot like chili...but she shouldn’t have drunk theses 3 bottles of red wine tonight because now she is wasted ..and now I’m stuck with having to make sure she doesn't get taken advantage of....As I try my best to finish myself off while hanging from a silk rope. As I do this I wonder briefly what to get my dad for Valentines Day, I know he’s a filthy bastard but on the other hand he can be very romantic, I hope mom doesn't spank him too much. Last time she did she ruptured his eardrums by breaking the sound barrier with her paddle. I silently shudder as a chill runs down my spine when I see how horny these people can get when they see cake. That's why I always tend to figure out how to make the things more sticky .....All I needed to do was get some honey from that new store down the road, the one that has the crazy pictures on the wall...Creeps me out every time and that storekeeper jumps out of nowhere with a big book of fairytales and he asks me if I want to listen to a story. The only thing I always had to do for him was to rip off his clothes right now and use this honey for a sweeter kiss and watch the reaction in his eyes. While he’s trying to stay calm, the honey drips down our bodies and he tells me "You are amazing." Just then there was a knock on the door. It was awkward because the moment was so magical and we did not want to open the door and find Weird Al Yankovich stroking his peter. My hand slowly lets go of his pants and without any surprise I jumped out of the window dukes of hazard style, then flying by a third window I noticed I had ripped my pants, exposing my bare ass. “I Pissed myself” I say as I gasped for air as I laugh so much I wee myself again, I hope no one saw it. I look around at crowd of young studs, and I sheepishly smile. “Oops." I say. The smiles were not like normal smiles, but they were the smiles of people casually jerking off as if they didn't have a care in the world. As I behold this masterpiece of human understanding, suddenly a unicorn appears out of nowhere, with a dildo for horn. "How you doin'?" the unicorn asked me, deep down I knew it was just a horse with strap on dildo on its head, but never the less I ran because seriously it’s only Friday and I wasn't prepared for a Unicorn or Horse with a Dildo strapped to his head , but after putting back on my glasses it actually was just my asshole of a Neighbor asking me for some sugar. I gave him that look of disgust so I pulled out my own strap on, mounted it to my head and started running and galloping like a unicorn through my garden, thinking of the movie of bo derek riding naked on a horse and spilling sugar everywhere, but as the rest of the sugar was empty I used salt instead....and the look on their face was something worth seeing which brought a smile to my face. I winked back at them and galloped off into the sunset with my assistant clapping coconuts together behind me. After a long time of galloping, I stopped and surveyed my surroundings and found myself in neghorhood in the city where I never been before. My curiosity is awakened and I began to explore it,Then guess what I found? It was amazing how they all look at me.Yes it was a party.It was a bachelor party. The room was fulll with a hot studs with dirty smiles that began to appear on their faces when they all saw me. At first I didn't understand why are thеy smlie at me so dirty.Thеn I remembered that I forgot that I mounted the strap on on my head. I giggled. "Oops!" I said."Whats happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" they say before they all pulled out their AK 47 and started licking the tip , like some kinda crazy people.Then it got even more weird when a dog came into the room and began dancing on two legs but little did they know that."I need a drink" I thought to myself trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to drink. I then thought to myself "I don't want to drink", in fact I want to stare open eyed at a dog walking on two legs! But alas I had to leave the room because it was time for me to go.But I slipped in a puddle of old, smelly milk and then spent the next hour fending off a mutated elephant named George who likes to dream of becoming a kangaroo. Suddenly A rare exotic llama walks in, spits on George as he dreams his wonderful dreams came true and they end up.Running away together they booking the first flight out to Australia,this lovely kangaroo country so they can chase Tasmanian tigers while trying to avoid to become their breakfast,because" life is .a weird thing" said Goerge and started spanking exotic llama's ass with a oily ass paddle in front of Tasmania tiger, and that made him ,the tiger to look around to find the nearest way to escape because he realised that he was no match for those two perverts, in a mean time George had exotic llama bend over and was about to find out what he can do to llama from curiosity, but suddenly Scotty beamed him up to Enterprise so quick so George did not understand what the hell happened, And with a big surprise he found himself in quarantine zone of the ship waiting to be analyzed for his weird behaviour raising suspicions of having been abused by some llamas .during the unfortunate incident at Llama 359. Bones looked at the readings and shook his head, this looked more like strange magnetic disturbance from nearest moon Kangaroo 49691."What the hell" Bones thought for himself and exclaimed, 'Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a didgeridoo man!', then promptly turned and fly away to a galaxy far far away to find easy way for alien exports and imports. This will help him to deal with a big debt to his creditors and allow him to buy a new TriCorder to examine these nasty bumps the green girl from Diana 55347 and find the cure for this strange disease before we hyperjump to Sector 09241987 in search of the elusive Bottle of Dreams that have all the answers inside with the bottle on the ship we would finally solve all the meaning of the dreams we have has since. .But some bumhole of the crew, cauhgs, i mean our captain, had the bright idea and drunk all of that "bottle of dreams" that we were searching for so long at once and in one go and we couldnt wake him up anymore since a week now!!! but the strange thing was, we found a note in his cabin with lots of weired signs and numbers on it and then, suddenly, we all knew it, we all noticed it, at the same time looking at each other with wide open eyes and mouths: altough we had hooked up some of those green girl shemales for the bday party of our captain on diana 55347 and although we hyperjumped here to sector 09241987 to find the alienchicks with the 3 titts and four arms, we were back again in desterra on our bikes with bikergirl and hunting down tech-alts. there and then we all realized, that we were really trapped in a timeloop, repeating itself and all that we were doing, always and always again and again! so once our captain was still sleeping off his hangover after "the bootle of dreams", covered under a bunch of also sleeping green girl shemales, lance corporal aleks and master gunnery sergant lyam came up with an idea to get us out of this looping shit quickly. but we only would have one single try to get out of this "trap" and we started pulling matches, whiles lyam told us to stay calm and relax, aleks passing the matches in our circle of the volunteers and skydiver telling us: "ok ppl, there is only ONE WAY for us to get out of this fukn, shitty loop trap and the "only" fukin thing we have to do is Ride our Harleys as fast as we can, trying to avoid the traffic and not to be late for next cool rock gig to the nearest rock bar where we will perform cover versions of Britney Spears' greatest hits. I woke up this morning, no idea where I was. and thx god, the hotn sexy still sleeping shemale next to me in my bed wasnt green, so i quickly checked what time and day it was and ran and looked out of the windowand i told to myself, as i noticed that i was not on diana 55347 and neither in sector 09241987, "whow, cool, must have been only a really strange dream then last night" whilse a cover song of britney spears "hit me baby on more time" went buzzing through my head as i turned around from the window looking at the cutie still sleeping in my bed and i got a little fright as i saw that strange looking bottle on my bedside table, that she got with her to my place last night with a brandname on it, i had never seen before. i shortly thought of the words of junjini, "bottle of dreams" and so, but i told myself "what the fuk" and i took the last drops out of that bottle in a throw down my throat, smashed it to pieces by throwing it at the wall and cuddled up next to her and going back to sleep again. i dont now for how long i was a sleep, or if i even had slept at all, but suddendly i was standing on my two feet straight up in a bed that wasnt mine anymore, rolling my eyes quickly to the left were the window was and fuk, i saw it was closed and nailed with wood and my eyes even quicker rolled to right where that cute, hotn sexy still sleeping shemale was sleeping, but she wasnt sleeping at all and she, he or it wasnt at all sexy and hot anymore and came screaming and running at me whilse transforming and it was freddy krueger then standing infront of me and tearing up all these pages of this script, so that we couldnt finish reading it to the and so we wouldnt know how we can defeat him in the end...well atleast he thought that!! /me laughs so once he was so busy and tearing up all of the pages like in trance, i dived out through that closed window like colt seavers the unkown, but wellknown stuntman and jumped on a bike that wasnt mine but the keys were in the lock! but it didnt start and i tried a second and third time, really panicing and swearing "fukn damn harleys" as the scary and cold sweat was dripping down my forhead and cheaks whilse kicking down again that damn old kickstarter again and again as out of nowhere, skydiver came sliding into the courtyard with his 900er honda fireblade, grabbing me with one arm an swinging me on to the back of his bike like u see them doing escaping in a cowboy movie on a horse. i hugged him tightly and intense thanking him, whilst i closed my eyes on the back of the bike leaning my head on his back and he gave full throttle for us to escape. but the day was ending and the sun was coming down slowly and we were running out of petrol as i awoke again from the sound of a stuttering engine and so we had to stop at this scary n strange looking gasstation with a bar called titty twister, where we also surprisingly met all the rest of our crew standing outside infront with us together there now and glaring and thinking: "are we still traped in that loop shit, were we here before already and where the fuk are we anyway now and in which time"!? so once they ppl there said, the fuel is empty and the next gastruck is coming tommorrow, we decided to spent the night here. and so we locked our bikes and headed up to the entrance, followed by the not friendly and strange looks of the ppl there and as we opened the doors and entered the bar, we couldnt beleave what we were seeing there: it was our drunk captain dancing on the counter of the bar and telling us: "Leave all hope you that enter here.It's no way to leave the cursed fuckin loop. Come drink with me." Yes we know that he already was drunk and we have suspicious that the junjini's "Bottle of Dreams" make some transformation on our captain but we was not sure how strange he became or how long it will takes to return to his normal behaviour. We grab him with us and try to take him outside with us so he can breатхе fresh night air. But when we try to push the door of the bar with strange name "Titty Twister" that was in the middle of the desert or it can be the middle of nowhere same fuckin thing. But the doors somehow was locked we start to feeling that is something terribly wrong in here. And we was right this bar was not the bar at all it was
  16. There are so many ugly Christmas sweaters that come out of the closet this time of year and worn with such pride. I'm not sure how this ever caught on but it did haha. I'm actually going to an "Ugly Xmas Sweater Party" this weekend-no lie. So what's your favorite ugly Xmas sweater?
  17. Guest

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts The idea of this thread is to post and/or answer someones questions or concerns about buying a specific gift. I just thought that with so many members here that maybe some could put on their Santa Helpers Hat and share some of their real life experience(s) they may of had. If you answer a post can you "multi-quote" the persons original post so they get feedback that their question has been responded to. ~ thanks and hope that last part makes sense ~ Background: I'm thinking of getting my sister an iPhone 6 plus (I think she has a 4-ish w/cracked screen), my family has a lot of Apple products with tons of media that we can easily swap with each other including a BA-zillion apps-so looking at a different type of phone might be difficult, but not out of the question... My Question: Does anyone have any real life experience with the iPhone 6 Plus (good or bad)? ...thnx
  18. Guest

    3DXChat Records

    Just a thought...what if we setup and tracked fun/silly records. For example remember seeing pictures of how many people could be stuffed into a car or phone booth. We could have Records such as: 1. How many people can we fit on the Island at the Beach 2. How many people can be crammed into the Pool at Love Island 3. How many people can be packed into a Cabin on the Yacht 4. How many people can streak across the Beach in a group at one time 5. How many people could you squeeze into your Home 6. etc, etc. To make records official I think we'd need two things minimum (prob should have its own post): 1. Screenshots of the event so we can get a accurate people count 2. A Record Chart showing "record name", "number of people" and "organizer of event" Note: The record chart could be at top of post page, so its easy to find and maintain 3DXChat Record Chart (as of 11-08-14) Date Location: Event Name: People Organizer mm-dd-yy Verification --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beach N/A 00 N/A N/A N/A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love Island In Pool 35 ForOnlyOne 11-02-14 Image --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Night Club On Bar 15 ForOnlyOne 10-30-14 Image Night Club On Podium 12 ForOnlyOne 11-04-14 Image --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sin Club On Bar 10 ForOnlyOne 10-30-14 Image --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yacht In Spa 13 ForOnlyOne 10-30-14 Image --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home Dressed in Red 38 ForOnlyOne 11-04-14 Gif Home Smurf Party 53 ForOnlyOne 11-05-14 Forum Some ideas to notify people: when in game just use Local and World Chat for spur of the moment kind of thing, or use the forum and make it a planned event. The whole idea here is to just have fun, some-days it just gets a little boring so maybe just doing something silly on the spur of the moment might get things kick started. I guess if there is enough people interested in silly I don't mind setting up the initial post for the records chart and screenshots. Otherwise this post can just do its fadeout to oblivion...
  19. Guest

    Pleasuring yourself...

    Just thought this would be a fun question, seeing that this is a very sexual game and the answers are completely anonymous...Who is pleasuring themselves more on a weekly basis - men or women? c'mon vote (it's 2 seconds) and nobody's gonna know how you voted...
  20. Staci's last music post made me think of this post... What 3 things could someone bring into the bedroom to help spice up or revive their sex (or romantic) life? Important: Their partner is already in the bedroom
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