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  1. THX

    April Fool's?

    Oh, it was a fully functioning world like 3DX. Each world had pros and cons. They just bit off more than they could do and never focused on the most basic thing. Like avitar look, shading and aethetics. They were going to worry about that after all the backend was finished. Who wants a fugly avitar and terrible graphics even if the backend was so cutting edge? It was a fatal mistake. They lost millions of dollars.
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  2. What's new? April 19th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by BlueMooon: House of Thorns (Resort) 1 New room by JuliaNelson: Road Runner Cafe (Club) 1 New room by DjViper: Raina's Home (House) 1 New object by SweetTia: Tropical Light Bar (Room Part) 4 New objects by Guenni: Gold Fishes (Animal), Pallets Doctor Fish (Animal), Hawaiian Doctor Fish (Animal) & Yellowtail Tang Fish (Animal) Website: www.3dxchatsharing.com 3DXLY!: https://3dxly.com/3dxchatsharing Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/cha
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