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The Den of Pleasures Tavern based RP room

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Welcome to The Den of Pleasures

A little Tavern, located among a bushy forest, warm enough for you to come by. This charming place is managed by a Drow(Dark Elf), who tends to be called the boss by her staff of barmaids, which would happily assist in your 'rest'. You need a rest from your tiresome dungeon hunting, doing those tiresome quests? Want something to eat and drink, or maybe even a company of one of our staff maids? Just come knock in, and enjoy your stay at The  Den of Pleasures, where your deepest dreams are fulfilled. 
We are looking for RP friendly people that would like to join in on this setting inside 3dx. A fantasy setting where you can meet all kinds of different characters, ranging from Drow Elfs, Demons, Tieflings, different type of Elfs, Orcs or Humans, it welcomes every race. 
The Den of Pleasures will be a rp room and won't be always open for public, due to the general base of 3DX being not that invested in such a setting. Such a  setting, however, would be welcome for a group of fellow people who would like to join in. 

There won't be any restrictions on who can join the Tavern, as long as you would like to join such atmosphere. You are not forced to play as anyone specific, there are no restrictions, expect the general ones of etiquette, as well as the manners of fantasy settings being followed. 

If you like the idea, you have questions or you want to  join in, feel free to contact me at any time here on the forum or over discord, AnnLIs#3246, or ingame, AnnLis. There will be a discord server for announcements and rp chats while the Tavern is closed.

Best regards,

AnnLis - The Den of Pleasures Staff Member.









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This looks like a wonderful place and a great setting for some RP. I've always wondered what all those dragon hunters and sorcerers are doing when the dragon hunt or magical things they're doing are done for the day. Looks like a great place to learn more about it ...
I don't do orcs, though 😉

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