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BDSMetal Gang...... Games Nights

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I appreciate this wont interest the vast majority of people here but equally I know there are a few people who it may and those may not realise a metal gang can be this diverse.  :)


We occasionally open a room where there is something more than just music, dancing and chatting going on and tonight is one of those nights.


We’ve created a room with lots of passages, rooms, nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in.


At various points during the evening one person will be nominated the hunter, everyone else goes and hides.  The hunter finds and hugs people and they then join the hunt for the others until everyone has been found.


It’s as simple and straight forward as that.


The room was built by PepperPiccolo and if you like fairytale castles it is worth a look purely for that.


We open at 8pm UK time.


Anyway, be nice to see you but whatever you do, take care and have fun xxxxx



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Next up on our Games Night calendar is ‘Hunting Hunters’ on Sunday 8th September at 7pm UK / 8pm CET


We’re using the Palace again and adapting the Hide and Seek game we played before because that involved either finding somewhere to hide and not moving or a lot of largely fruitless searching and not finding many people.  We think this will be a little more frenetic and fun.  :)


The idea is that you roam the many corridors, rooms, battlements, nooks and crannies of the palace and when you see someone from an opposing team, hug them.  They in return will send you a gift.  The team with the most gifts at the end will win.  You cannot consecutively hug the same person twice.


There will be three teams and you must be wearing something in that teams colour to easily identify you in order to play.  The team colours will be Green, Red and Yellow.  Green team can only hug Red team.  Red team can only hug Yellow and Yellow can only hug Green.  Hence the title of the game, you will both be hunting and being hunted at the same time.


We figure maybe 15 minutes for a game so we'll do a few throughout the course of the evening.


Ok, so, this is the first time I've tried to add a pic in this new forum and I struggled enough in the old one so sorry if this goes wrong  :D


Anyway, whatever you're doing, just make sure you and whoever you're with, are having fun  xxxxxxx


Fingers crossed the poster comes out ok......


Hunting Hunters.jpg

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We’re a bit later this month for our games night but Saturday, 26th October 2019 at 19.30 UK / 20.30 CET, see's us open Trouser Snakes and Ladders again.


We've simplified it a bit and removed some of the trouser snakes so hopefully this time there will be less dropping down levels and consequently less bad language.  Honestly, it was shocking!  :o


The loss of Rochi’s dice and Gizmo not yet adding this feature (whaddya mean you’re working on poses and clothes?  How many of those do we need?  Only joking, put the pitchforks down) means this is also an exercise in trust as we will roll the dice and you’re just going to have to believe us when you get 1 for the 8th time in a row…..  :D


Anyway, feel free to drop by or not, however the mood takes you.


I’ve done a little poster cos it’s fun.



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