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Steak and Blow Job Day seemed to deserve it's own topic.


Celebrated on March 14th, Steak and BJ day is the man's version of Valentines Day.  


No one really knows who started this holiday. However, the generally accepted consensus is that it was invented in 2002 by Tom Birdsey, a radio DJ who invented the day while on air. If that is the case, then this holiday really spread far and wide thanks to word of mouth. First, it spread across the North American Continent and then it spread all over Europe. Now it is celebrated by people all over the world.



Steak and BJ Day is a holiday that is based on the assumption that the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration is a day for women. Advocates of this holiday will say that men have no use for candy, romantic dinners or flowers. That the only thing men really want is some fellatio fulfillment and a nice big hunk of meat. Something I think most guys would agree with – unless of course they are vegetarians or vegans.

However, since Steak and BJ Day is a conditional holiday, guy’s aren’t automatically get steaks and oral sex on this day. No, it all depends on how well they have taken care of their wives or girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. If guys failed to fulfill their duties on that day – or their women were dissatisfied with their execution of the obligations on that day – then women are not obliged to give guys what they want on this holiday. Therefore, some people see this holiday as a form of motivation to get guys to do the things they are supposed to do on February 14th. If guy’s cant cut the proverbial mustard on their ladies’ holiday, then they get absolutely zip on their holiday. This kind of makes Steak and BJ Day a Quid pro quo arrangement.

So to sum it up if you did not hold up your end of the arrangement on Valentines Day and treat your woman kindly then do not expect much in return.

But....if you were Mr. Amazing Romantic then enjoy your steak and your blow job.  Do let us know how you plan to spend the day and how it went.










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Oh we do..... hehehe


Okay my Valentines didn’t quite go to plan thanks to my health but J was well n truly celebrated beforehand. For a first date....... Oh myyyyyy ;)


Well I can’t speak do everyone buuuut I celebrated women’s day( she’s here so I’m making an extended celebration) so my turn on the 14th ;)


Have fun kids, I know I will be ;)

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Just a month ago

My love showed adoration

with flowers and more.

Kisses and poems

witten himself of his love

brought tears to my eye.

That a man so strong

could so lovingly show me

his thoughts and his heart.

A Star Valentine

Putting all others to shame

deserves a reward.

Grateful as I am

To have such a thoughtful love

a bar has been set.

He has no use for

Flowers and candy or gems

nor will repeat gifts do.

So how best to show

this man who thrills me daily

how he fills my heart?

First with written word

of love whispered in his ear

then shouted for all.

Actions speak louder

so action there must be to

reach the bar he set.

Now we are a pair

who demonstrate our desires

often and complete.

We feed on our want

of each other in all ways

Slave heat well tended!

So special days for

a blow job are not needed

but one he will get.

Perhaps more than one

on demand without limit

service with a smile!

This man feeds my soul

with every smile he gives

so there must be more

Not only shall I

eat but I shall also feed

Protein he will need

The prime cut rib eye

shall be grilled to perfection

the table well set

I shall sit nearby

on the table by his plate

showing him what's his

A day for a man

who has made my life complete

A man I adore

Our love is cherished

I am his and he is mine

nourished and complete.

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