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MAKE IT OR BREAK IT // MAY 26 + 28 // 8pm CEST

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Those were 2 great party evenings in NEW BASEMENT. Many thanks to all DJs who were there. You are makers. There were great live Performence and Mixes thereby. Special thanks also to Xanar, which moderated the evenings live. Thank you my darling for all the work and time you invested in this event.

hug Felia 

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  • chloe changed the title to MAKE IT OR BREAK IT // MAY 26 + 28 // 8pm CEST



1) You will receive the download link to the 100 mp3 files 2-3 days before your performance.

2) These songs may not be shared with others but they are yours after the event.

3) Each DJ plays about 30 minutes, that's about 7-10 songs that have to be mixed together.

4) Speaking of mixing: A DJ controller is not mandatory, but helpful. But if you have your DJ program under control in such a way that you can make transitions with the software alone, then you are of cause welcome.

5) The songs in a package are tagged with MIXED IN KEYS. All of them are tested with VDJ and Serato to see if the Beatgrid is okay.

6) As soon as you receive the files, please import them into your DJ program and sort them by name. At the beginning of each file is the song number (01, 02, ...100).

7) Whenever you need a new song, use the /roll command. A moderator will then copy the song name into the chat so that all listeners know which song will be next.

😎 Please pick one style from the provided ones (TECHNO, MELODIC TECHNO, FUNKY JACKIN' HOUSE and ELECTRO HOUSE). Every DJ can do only one set / slot

9) If you roll the same number again you can of cause roll again. Nobody should mix the same song again. For the case you do it 3 times you will get a free beer at the bar

10) You can skip once a song if its not fitting at all, just say. "PASS" in the chat and roll the next number.(edited)

Interested? So send me a message on Discord: Chloe#3875


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