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A message from xSweetMiseryx

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I would not bother with this topic any further people. Figured out it is just another twisted way for Rockster to cause conflict. Don’t take the bait, his methods can be quite deceptive, until you pause to consider the source.



No. You just got tricked into replying to a topic posted by a troll pretending to show concern for a “new” member, to cover his real purpose of illustrating a veiled underlying statement about his dissatisfaction with forums because people don’t think exactly the same way he does. It happens.



Did not say anything about anyone lying, I did however say the true intentions of the OP are somewhat hidden if you don't know better and realize what he is really doing. Not all trolls are blatantly obvious like RobT and/or JJ. Some can be quite sneaky and manipulative in order to start or continue conflict, and that is what is happening here, unfortunately for them, to me it is very obvious anyway.


replying to specific posts by request of xSweetMiseryx




1. My name in world is xSweetMiseryx. You may feel free to message me at ANY time you see me in world Sleeper.


2. Rockster was doing me a favour posting this because I was feeling frustration and I feel the reason there are no mods in this forum is because they are all sick of the shit that flies around and realized they are not daycare providers. Yes Sleeper YOU. In no uncertain terms I am saying YOU.


3. No this is not my very first account. The reason I needed to make this one is because I can't remember the password I used for my other one. When I changed my name in world I figured I would change it here too. I like to use the same name in forum as I do in world. I am not hiding anything from anyone at any time.


4. Attacking Rockster for doing me a favour shows exactly what you have done and ARE doing to this forum.


5. The entire reason I was trying to rejoin this forum was so I could thank the people in the World Editor section for all their wonderful builds that they share with the world. With special mention to ForOnlyOne (I have downloaded everything you have made. We seem to have the exact same tastes and I thank you) And an extra special mention to Torax for his build sharing site. You and Lilli make the most incredible things and I thank you both so much for sharing them with this entire community the way you do. As well as giving others a place to share their own.


6. Sleeper you have contributed absolutely nothing that I can see to this forum. Your responses in this simple thread shows that. I had not planned to reply in this thread as I didn't want to keep asking someone else to post it for me but after watching your attack on Rockster I felt I had to say something.


Lastly... I will not be replying to anymore comments in this thread or any other in this forum. Again I do not like to put a person in the middle of an argument or discussion that is not theirs.


If you want to discuss your big ideas and thoughts on me you hit me up in world.


xSweetMiseryx you look me up anytime.

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MeiLing said...

"A new member, are you sure, dear?"


Yes, dear.  I don't know what you know, dear. I'm not going to investigate everyone who joins the forum, dear. That is/could be the job of RobT


Oh f*ck! Am I turning into a troll?

Oh no! I'm a troll too!!! Muhahaha!

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