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29 minutes ago, Nektar said:

It's been a while since I posted any of my screenshots. A little slice of 3dx life from your resident forum sissy:

1 - 

Stripping in the cold light district

2 -

Some carefree fun at the garden

3 -

My best car-show impression

4 - 

When he hits your spot just right.

5 -

High-as-fuck dancing


2021-03-28 00-10-39_875878.png

2021-05-10 22-43-21_244161.png

2021-05-10 22-55-48_289221.png

2021-05-15 22-01-24_97713.png



Ohhhhhh 👀


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Hey everyone! Been a while, to say the least. Where I've been? For those of you who haven't checked my profile out in-game, to sum it up: computer problems, and trips in and out of repair/service, which when all is said and done has taken nearly two months. The only good thing about this farce is I didn't have to pay anything, since the warranty was still valid.

The computer seems to be working fine now, but I've been burned so many times now that I'm a bit skeptical. Even so, it's good to be back. I have a lot of slutting to catch up on, so come poke me in game ^^

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So, having been back for nearly a month, what is my take-away? In many cases, it's like coming back home. You reconnect with old friends, reinforce bonds, and play catch-up on pent up lust. And while our emotions might make us feel that it is deeper than that, let us not kid ourselves, my darlings: this is lust. Carnal, primal, no less real, but ultimately not something you can build an actual relationship on. I think that without that physical presence to reinforce our bonds of relationships, what we have on here are attractions.

Don't get me wrong, attractions are important. Attraction is real. The bonds of attraction, camaraderie and friendship we form on here mean something, but without the anchor of close proximity and flesh on flesh contact, ultimately we risk drifting apart. Cherish what you have on here, my pretties, but never let it become a substitute for a proper significant other next to you.

Heh, reading this back it sounds like I'm quitting 3dx. I'm not. Hell no. I still love and cherish you all, my friends and lovers on here, and I will keep on sinning and making an ass of myself. I lust, oh do I lust, but I will not fool myself into thinking my lust is anything more than that. Now let's make some beautiful moments together, all you beautiful people ❤️ 

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