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I've recently become bored enough to read through the forums once again. After many months away from 3DX my mental health has never been better! I'm still nuttier than a Snicker's bar, but I'm feeling gooood. Though I miss the pixelated meetings with those I used to call friends, I'll always hold close the memories made over the years. 

I believe it's time to extend an apology.. not for being an asshole, that's never going to change, and if you don't like me.. guess what?! I honestly could give 2 shits about your opinion. ;) An apology to my friends... I've gone AWOL so many times with no word.. for both selfish and selfless reasons. I want you all to know I love and care for you no matter how long the silence. Hugs!

Since whenever I talk here some people like to take it as a personal attack, I'll be kind enough to feed your egos and leave a special hello for you. :)🖕



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