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I am writing this in the hope of helping new players to find their way around in a game that shouldnt be about mute-sex and cold-invites, as it is called 3DXChat, where players could actually chat and interact wich makes the game-experience worthwile for all of us.

You usually start your journey into this adult-game world by editing your characters appearance. I know most cant wait to dive into the adventures that lay ahead but here a few tips that could improve your game-experience and probably make your desires and wishes you expect from the game to become true.




You should spend a good amount of time looking at the possibilities to edit your character, as you dont want to look like Mr. / Ms. Default Avatar. Even with the limited amount of customisation you are able to make a character that is in some way unique. Whats mostly attractive from my point of view is when someone doesent look like there has been the "Randomize" button pushed like 10 times. I mean we dont have such a button here, but some do look like freshly randomized of the editor. So yeah you dont wanna do that.

Tastes are different of course and while looking ridiculous might be funny for the moment, it wont yield you any satisfying results when you are "hunting" wich leads us to the next important point



Profiles & Pictures


Some people love 3DXChat but it doesent say much about yourself or what you are looking for ingame and so far noone can read minds as far as I know. How about you take some time to put some words about yourself or about the avatar you are playing in-game. Can be things you like, dislikes or even a roleplay-themed bio. Just dont leave the "I love 3DXChat" on your profile if you want to meet people.

It is true that there are players in the game that dont bother reading anything but thats probably not the ones you are looking for to make experience worth while. On the first day, I kinda found it hard to put something in the profile section so I came up with a roleplay like description of my avatar and what it is in this ficitional world. So be creative a bit. I get that not everyone wants to bother with writing huge paragraphs of text into profiles, but a few hints about you would be nice to see what the person on the other side of the chat is like

About that pictures. Usually when you start out you can upload two pictures. Additional Picture slots can be bought or gifted. Pictures are nice to look at and usally a good way to visualize your appearance of your avatar or even show yourself if wishing (I wouldnt recommend it though)

Usually people use comic pictures, anime or funny pictures to put in their profile. Some use real pictures aswell. If you going to use a real picture, you might not want to use a picture of your penis / boobies (Or in some case other penis/boobies) I ve always been wondering what makes new people think that they have more success when they upload a picture of their sex to the profile. Its not really working like that and from my own experience I never had the desire to suddenly get intimiate with someone just because they showed their sex on profile. So yeah you dont want to do that, and you also dont want to steal other peoples real pictures.

As I tend to say: They Eye candy is important to some, especially in a world where you dont have much to judge about the person behind the screen but their avatar appearance and their profile. So if you got that far already, its time to move on to the next point on our agenda...



First Chat


As soon as you leave editor with a nice customized character and hopefully a filled out Profile page, it is time to explore the world of 3DXChat. For most new users that came here for the sexual experience its pretty tempting to simply go to one of the rooms that have "SEX" , "SLUTS" , "ORGY" , ect... in Room name. I would like to tell you why its a bad idea to go there first.

In thoose rooms you usually find people that havent been doing all the said above and probably what else will be said in this littel guide of mine. And if you re not looking for dull pose clicking, you shouldnt go there. I never see the point of pose clicking and push random moans and cum buttons. We have Betty or Bob (or even both) for that in Single Player mode. So no real point in seeking rooms where you do the exact same thing right?

You should try to go to the public locations first. There is Nightclub, Sin Club, Fresco, Saloon, Yacht, Beach and Love Island for you too choose.

In my opinion the best Go-To place for get to know new people is the Sin Club or Fresco Club. Its usually crowded throughout the whole day and theres many different personalities in there. Remember what I said earlier? We dont wanna go to a room to pose click. Now that you have landed in one of the recommended rooms the first thing you should do is move in and look around. Dont be standing around on the point of spawn as it usally can block the entry for others.

Now you have looked around and hopefully still have in mind to not play the "Pose-Click" game. One of the first and most Important donts is to pick your favourite avatar in the room, approach it and press: Partner-Invite or even Friends-Invite. In most cases wiel reward you with a simple ignore from the other end.

To find a person of interest, you do now bring up the profiles of the said person and see if you can find some valuable informations about this person there. If theres "I love 3DXChat" in there and literally no pictures, I would recommend to start looking further because thats the thing we dont want right?

Okay, we have found the person of choice we want to talk to. What we dont want to do is the worst opener that is possible in a chatgame. "Hru"

While time is money for some we should put some more effort in opening a chat. A simple "hi" usually doesent get you any further. Be smart and dont use the default chat openers that noone replies to. I can tell you from my experience, I usually just reply to interesting openers that are a little bit more then that. You dont need to write a book, but be a bit creative or let the chat-partner know that you have read their profile by including things into your opening, from the profile of the person you are talking to.



Making friends


Experience in game is worthwile if you make friends. Friends are usually the reason to stay in this game, because clicking Sex poses all day will get you bored on Day 3. Hence we make friends, to have someone to chat too or beeing intimiate with. You can usually make friends by actually talking to people as said above. Just tossing random friend-invites will get you nowhere but usually beeing ignored. Usually fiends are the key to get to know more people as they have usually friends too and in the blink of an eye you suddenly know alot of people in this game, and they do know you.

Thats the power of beeing social a bit, even though it is sold as "Sex Game" there is no good sex without chat.



Picking your path


To get to the bottom of this, you basically have two paths to choose from when you first enter the game. You can be the random person without a unique profile or appearance and just click through all the sex rooms and leave bored after a couple of days, or you be the social person that makes friends and has a worthwile experience in this game, and also improves the experience for others as well. Nothing is more bothersome the flat people without manners or common sense.

I am writing this because it is really tiresome to bump into people constantly that havent been doing any of that. Maybe because nobody told them about or simply because they cant be bothered. Dont be one of the careless sex-bots. Be a person. Be nice. Be a friend.





I really hope this little guideline can help the one or other newbie player, even some might say its pretty one sided and not a set-in-stone Standard, wich is right. Everyone plays the game different and its their right to do as they pay for it. I dont tell anyone how to play their game, I just want to give an idea how it could be played and that it might be fun even.

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   Nice attempt to make this world better Nikku butt !


   Clear, neat and helpful. Nevertheless, that's a lot of reading and you might scare the most uninteresting newcomers with all of this. *Giggles*


   Allow me to add something to this guide though : a simple hello in local chat when you enter the room, or even world chat, can get you far as well. It makes people notice you and, thus, they're more likely to have a look at your profile. Not everyone will instantly drown you into private messages, since we're not all here on the same purpose, but it's still a good way to make people curious about the fancy newcomer you can be.


   Oh, and yes, I've put some green cuz' I know you like it :P

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Well written and concise Nikki, this, epi's and French's points all make for a better experience. With so many new peeps in the world now, you must separate yourself from the rest, this typically is reliant in being friendly and courteous,  to be taken seriously, those that check their self respect and respect for others at the door will fail and be not more than a distant memory in 24 hours.  Another Point, the name you pick for your avi, be creative but not stupid, if your name is long and looks like your wearing antlers when you walk into room or its provocative, you will probably not taken seriously. Imagine being married or saying in your profile, "i am goin to marry the love of my life, sluttysallydanceswithwolves, this will probably not be something that anyone you meet will be proud of either :P

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Though it is really a nice helper and very pleasant to read there is a tiny detail, which bothers me.


Actually, I consider it a real shame, that there seemingly are people around who need a kind af manual for treating people. Oh yes, I witnessed myself already. Disturbing. Anyway, I hope this attempt of yours, Nikki, will get many readers who in addition get the sense out of it and take it seriously. Thank you for that.

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The most important of all advices however is: dont be a bitch, like Nikki. you can be as pretty looking on the outside as you want, if you have the poisened character of an attention whore not getting the praise she is demanding, people will put you quicker on ignore as you can beg for an apology.

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On 4/4/2020 at 6:10 PM, IKushiel said:

The most important of all advices however is: dont be a bitch, like Nikki. you can be as pretty looking on the outside as you want, if you have the poisened character of an attention whore not getting the praise she is demanding, people will put you quicker on ignore as you can beg for an apology.

Why did you post your personal attacks exactly here? People are different, but this topic looks like a tutorial.

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