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Not really first time in 3DX

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I just happen to make this account finally for someone. In other words, Greetings! I'm Spyper (cuz that name stuck to me when I played TF2 back in the day) in-game my name is Riggsby and I've been playing this game for around a year now! I hope I get to meet all the friendly people here and make parties and stuff. And I also want to meet a certain someone as well, who might that be, well that's going to be something privvy in the DMs.


Honestly I just hope I can find people who can help me out in here, as I've been told this community is pretty accepting, friendly, and helpful to a T. Anyways See ya'll in-game and in Parties, I'll be RPing as a bartended at times and hope to make some drinks for you all

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