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Bring back the slave auctions

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After I made the full-sized theatre I started working on a smaller more intimate thing, still doing it, and while I have been making it I have been thinking of the things it could be used for, I came up so far with slave auctions, sacrifices, lectures and sex shows. Which reminded me of the slave auctions SugarBunny used to hold when she was around and which 3DX hasn't seen for a while now because she's goners. Those slave actions used to be tremendous fun, they would pull in a very large crowd and oftentimes the local chat would be hilarious. They really did add a lot to 3DX and were pretty spesh, and I thought I would post to remind people about them and maybe some people might consider holding them again from time to time. They used to be held in a normal room, so anyone can put one on.


In case anyone wants to hold one, I remember exactly how they used to operate so I'll explain it here so if you wanna do one you do it right...


1. People turn up. They can choose just to watch, to be sold as a slave, to bid on slaves, or all three and if they came only to watch but then decide to participate as buyer or seller even after the auction has started, they can do this if they wish. If they wish to register to be sold as slaves they contact the MC in a pvt (preferably before the auction starts but I did see many times people adding themselves to the list after it had started), anyone can volunteer, each person selling themselves has the right to specify which sex they are willing to shag with and can't be sold to a gender they don't want to be with, so a girl could say she only wants to be sold to another girl, or only guys, or both, same with the guys, and the MC specifies this as they come out "This is only for the ladies, sorry gents!" "This is only for the men, sorry ladies!" "Brandy is a nubile young thing who likes both men and women, so you're all in the running people!!!" etc. The slave also decides for themselves how long they are going to be available for, I think there was a minimum of one hour, but they could also agree to be sold for longer, like a whole night, it was up to them, and this was also announced as they were being introduced.


2. There is one person only who is MC, they speak in local, introduce the slaves, list all their wonderful unique qualities (basically explain why you would want to bid on them) start the bidding and act as auctioneer, and pretty-much run the event. Because that takes up all their concentration, there is another person working with them silently behind the scenes who keeps tabs of what the punters have spent on the slaves so it runs smoothly without hiccups or mistakes.


3. The currency is imaginary and made up, and how it works is that everyone who is there is automatically given a certain amount of it just for being there. SugarBunny used to call them "Bunny Bucks" but you could call them whatever you wanted to. I believe it was 100 Bunny Bucks everyone got when they came in. You only get given a flat amount to spend automatically upon entering and no more (so absolutely everyone who simply walks in the door, even just to watch, is allocated the same amount of virtual currency should they wish to use it or not) but once you have bid all of it, you can no longer bid on anyone, which is why the person in the background is so important to be able to keep track of where the punters are at money-wise and that no-one overspends, and the MC is too busy hosting the event, talking, asking slaves to come up, and auctioning them off and generally running things, to be thinking about things like that and writing shit down. Bidding is done at small increments and from memory there was no set amount, you could bid anything, but there is a maximum amount you can bid in one go. I think it was something like 20 bucks max per bid? The first bidder to reach 100 bucks wins the slave, which is why it is important to have the maximum bid set right, that way it's a bit like a board game with people jumping in front of each other and moving closer to the win, and just because you jump in first doesn't mean you can win the slave by just bidding your entire 100 bucks all at once. If for instance someone has just bid 75 bucks after someone else before them bid 65, but someone else wants that slave too, that person would have to try to time their bid just right, as in this case their maximum allowed bid of 20 bucks would only make the total after 75 reach 95 bucks and someone else could jump in with 5 bucks and get the slave, so they would have to wait for one more person to bid. Anyway, you get the idea.


4. The slave has to do whatever the buyer wants them to do for the hour or however long they have agreed to be a slave for, it might not even be having sex with the buyer, the buyer also has the option to order them to have sex with someone else, or it may even be a non-sexual thing, it's totally up to the buyer. As far as I could see back then, there was no shortage of people who were willing to play being the slave and were happy to go along with this rule and get into the spirit of it. Often the slaves and their buyer would just go to a bed right there in the room and start the hour, or sometimes they would elect to wait and go somewhere else together, it was up to the buyer and the slave.



Those auctions were a shitload of fun to watch, often fucking hilarious, and as I said, were always extremely well attended (usually the busiest room in the list), so maybe some of you want to give it a try and see how it goes!

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I have an ampitheater if you want it from my main room.  Loaded with seats and sofas at the top of it.


I remember being in a room like that.  The room was gorgeous and the auction was fantastic.  I had so much fun doing that and seemed the rest who attended did as well.

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