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A new Home


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Hello everyone.... my latest build for you all to have and hold, and, well, take someone home to....

To make it a little bit special, and so it is only for those that can be bothered, it isn't given away, but rather it is to be sold. For the price of 1 gift, which you must give to me in person (with a hug is also nice too), which means you gotta find me first (hint, when bored I hang out in Sin)


Sooo..... onto the screenshots...


Far too cheap to pay an estate agent (is that realator for our American cousins?), a cheap wooden sign will work just fine



no offroad parking... what are you expecting for 1 gift?



watching the day drift by, in the company of good friends...... when they get here, tardiness is just soooo rude!



open plan, hope you lot like it, if not, stick in some walls...



I don't know what to say....... they looked better in the catalogue



a little cramped, but offers a good view of the weeds



spiral staircases are sooo last century



getting steamy in the sauna..... ummm... guilty




a swimming pool, 20 laps a day to keep trim



Artistic impression of a soaring eagle, but hours of frustration later I was left with a generic flappy thing.... sorry



stained glass, cos they are impossible to reach to clean



a little rooftop patio, to catch the early morning or late evening rays, not sure how it manages to do that



all tied up and no-one to blow <sigh>



and from the back..... and call this corner right here my signature xx



So that it, find me, gift me, give me an email (I suggest a specially made 3dx one) and the house is yours xx, have fun

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