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Jason McCree - Photoshop Cum editor

Jason McCree

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Hi there and welcome to my gallery post,


I love 3DXChat ad it's features but one thing it laks is the quality of the sperm.

So I gave my own take on things here and with good results an good fun and reviews like a lot of "oooh" and "so real" and.... well you get the idea. :P


Also Creating Daz3D for 3DXChat members.


You can read all about me on my website: https://jmc3dx.wixsite.com/jmc3dx/about-me

So without further a due lets start this gallery.
Have fun!
Kind regards
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The Lovely #Loruna, Sexy and sophisticated. Check out her Tumblr https://loruna3dx.tumblr.com/


One of the most Amazing Ladies out there has caught my eye! The Sexy Daughter of The Devil & a mean but fun Tease “Loruna” :P


She is with out a doubt sexy hot and a very kind person to be with.

One of the most nicest person i’ve met on 3DXChat for sure, she may have a thing for the real nasty but a warm kind heart and very open minded.


Thanks for Posing Loruna. You and your Dirty mind are one of a kind ;)







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#NeenaS at first wanted only a wet orgasm picture, as it where to look she just had an orgasm looking all wet at a gift for her wife #Jets (a very promising 3dx Strip maker. See here strips here @ http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5182-dark-desire-comics/?p=229672) . Later she still wanted a sperm edit too… The Naughty girl :P Thanks to NeenaS





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Another Master Piece if i may say so my self. The Sweet #Acadia. Without knowing she really wanted bigger boobs in real life i made her an edit just like i did with Thali (see below). When she got the picture… well hahah.. let’s say she was very pleasently surprised. ;):P SHe finaly had those bigger boobs she always wanted :P

But if you ask me, what she has is just fine! I mean the cleavage she has in the original.. hmm if she was on my door step i would deffenatly be blushing… and then some.. :P

The Pornstar picture is Nikki Benz for those who wonder. 

She liked it so much that this maybe not be the last edit i wil do. ;)

So maybe to be continued… :P

Thanks to the wonderfull and very sweet Acadia





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