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Select the shortcut, then click on Debug on the left



Dunno what it will show you.


Edit: It may run the programm like usuall. If you get a crash then, maybe Playonmac will make a log file somewhere.

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It showed me something weird, like it was dealing with big code and then it just opened game.

And when I joined in Beach room, it made that before I used debug thingy:


It says that in 3DXCHAT was found serious error.

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Hi all,


I'm having the same issue and it would be good if we could join forces to try to work out the problem. I have played and even swam at the beach, but lately (after the update perhaps) I can't stay 5mins there or change the time of the day (luminosity) and I get all so common:


Running a decent computer with:

3.3 GHz Intel Core i7

16 GB 

Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB (not Radeon)

POM 4.2.12



Have read somewhere that we should change the settings under display. This is what I currently have:

Display.pngAlso under Install components I have installed d3dx11 and quartz:

d3dx11.pngI'm also running my graphic setting on Low just as precaution:





I was thinking of tinkering with the version of Wine, but would have no idea really.


Any help or tip would be greatly appreciated.



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To everyone who's using playonmac. I found out that using a fixed value for video memory size reduces the crashes for one of my friends.

She still does crash tho :/


Hmm...i already set that to 4096 (the max) - no big difference, still crashing after few minutes

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