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My first real video, using Halloween clips


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B) Greetings Friends, and Happy Holidays!

Here is a link to my first real video, made from clips I took during the Halloween night party.


The quality is only about 50mb, but they would not let me post the 250mb file of the original. Is there a site where I can upload bigger files?

Naughty Machinima would not let me comment on my own video, giving credit to 3DxChat for the subject matter, does any one know how to do this? 3DxChat is mentioned in the Tags however.

The video is a bit jerky because I do not have a high powered computer yet to make things smoother.

? My mouse makes zooming in and out jerky, is there a way to make zooming smooth while using the mouse? I know there are other ways to zoom in and out smoothly, like we have talked about here before, but is it possible with a special mouse?

Any comments wuold be helpful.

Thanks for looking!

Jake :)

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