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Newbie questions?

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My wife and I are enjoying the game but I have a couple newbie questions. 


I saw someone mention doing a cumswap in another post, how do you do that?


Can you even do a cumshot during a threeway?


I noticed that some of the sex options are not always available? Sometimes you get one cumshot option and other times you get a different one? How about three way positions?




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There is no cumswap animation in the game, alas.  The best you can do in terms of in-game 'cumswap' animations is this:




In the pic above, the blonde F character was partnered with a M.  He came on her, then she broke the MF, then she slowdanced with the other F character ... who happens to be me.  :wub:  And it was all my idea, incidentally.  Hehe.  The game's threeway options change depending on whether it's FMF or MFM.  There is no FFF option :angry:.  No idea whether there's a MMM.  It's all pretty limited. 


But here's the thing:  Why limit yourself to the in-game animations?  You can do anything in role play (RP).  Simply type your description of what's happening to your partner(s).  I've RPed foursomes and all kinds of different positions.  Don't let the extremely limited game animations (and positions) hold you back.  Anything you can dream of ... you can do. 


Let your imagination (and your freak flag) fly.  :P

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